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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Enchanted Polish Hot Chocolate For Unicorns and Electric Feel

I've been wearing way too much pink lately so I decided I needed to do a me mani.  I know most of you aren't on the brown bandwagon like I am, but this mani is cool I promise! Plus Enchanted Polish had just restocked the collection from a year or two ago of duochromes so I thought I'd pull one of those out.

I have not been able to do any work outside.  It's been cold and rainy.  Still no grass from my seeds, but freezing temperatures certainly ain't helping things.  My driveway is overrun with weeds as I haven't been able to spray them yet.

I spent yesterday cleaning the crap out of my thirty gallon fish tank.  I figure if one of my fish jumps out of the tank to its death, that something ain't right in there.  Last cleaning was early January. I did a 90% water change, I replaced the impeller and bio wheel.  Now they are swimming around so happy. I'm embarrassed to say it was filthy in there.

I plan to add some fish this week.

No change at work.  Same stupid crap.  I was going through old emails and found one from 2013 to someone who's father had just been diagnosed with lung cancer.  I was reading the advice I was giving her such as, it's his cancer so it's his decision about what to do and you have to be supportive no matter what he chooses etc.

It made me cry as I realized that two years after I wrote this, my father passed away and I didn't follow my own advice.  My response was to yell at him to try harder to get better.  I feel the guilt everyday for that.

I wrote this person back telling her this.  She in turn called me right away, first telling me that there is no handbook on what to do when you lose a parent.  To not feel guilty etc.  She also told me her father is still alive and that I had saved his life.  I didn't really, not in my mind anyway.  I didn't know her father was still alive and in my mind that kind of made things worse as my father didn't have cancer, but died anyway.

It was not a good day.

It's been fifteen months or so and I'm slowly coming to terms with things, but I'm still far from ok.

Enough of that.  Let's look at today's mani.  First up with no design.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Now for me, the brown here is my favorite.  Electric Feel is a green leaning duochrome that flashes all sorts of amazing color in the sun.

Next I added some tape and came up with this design.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Not perfect, but pretty cool I think.  I've no idea why my nails are so long.  It's blowing my mind. You all know I normally sport nubs.  You should see my pinky on my other hand.  It's super long.  I'm using the Zoya Naked Base and oiling every morning while I drink my coffee. I just got two more of that Zoya as I've no idea if that's doing it, but I ain't changing what ain't broke!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?