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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Liquid Sky Lacquer Moonlight and Roses

A few posts ago, I asked you guys to write me some apps you use on your iphone.  Well no one did so I went on the internet and googled and just started looking up apps in the app store.  I was asked to mention the ones I use at the moment.  I took screenshots of my iphone so we could go through them.
Here is page one.

New ones I just added are the Camera+ which is very cool for taking pictures. Netflix as I plan on signing up so I can see the Gilmore Girls reboot.  Journal I told myself I was going to do and haven't. Evernote for writing documents and scanning things-looks cool but haven't really played with it much. Plated is the food delivery service I've told you about.  You'll see that in a future post. Albert is a budgeting app that tells you where your money is going each month thing-really like that one as well as Mint.  It's a pain to enter all the info but once you do these two are to help you stay on financial track.  I really use these two daily.  Elevate is a brain game app that I like as it exercises the brain, Curiosity is like news and 1password holds all your passwords and I haven't quite figured it out yet.  But it will be cool once I do!

Here is page 2

I added TMZ, the other food delivery ones I was looking into Hello Fresh and Blue Apron, Credit Karma is awesome I use this all the time to keep up with my credit.  Chase, Wells Fargo and T Rowe Price are banking apps.  Headspace and Calm I really haven't used.  They are for meditation stuff. 2Do is for lists, LinkedIn for professional stuff, sky guide is cool as sh*t if you love looking at the stars the same as the moon app. Love those.  Just added 8 Ball Pool which is cool but doesn't follow official pool rules.  POF for dating and some TV channels.

And lastly, page 3

You can see I have four Mixed Sh*t categories for stuff I never use and didn't want cluttering up my space. Don't do Truebill as it sucks a**. It is supposed to help you with you budget etc but doesn't work for crap. That's why it got relegated to page 3. Now I did try having all these apps do the notifications thing, go in the notification center etc.  What that did was kill my battery.  It went from full to half to waking up to it being at 9%.

Oh hell no.

So I turned all that off except for the app icons.  I do like seeing those numbers.

There you have it.  Now PLEASE send me apps you like!

Today we have Liquid Sky Lacquer Moonlight and Roses.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Holy crap ignore my dry skin!!! Send me the names of your favorite hand lotions!!! This is a gorgeous pink holo. Just for you pink lovers out there!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?