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Monday, November 28, 2016

Chaos and Crocodiles Subterfuge

When did it get to be almost December????  Holy crap this year is going by way too fast.  My mom has been here and gone, I've been sick with a cold and I just haven't felt like blogging.

It's looking like as of February 1, my hospital will totally ban all nail products for all staff and naked, natural nails are all that will be allowed.  How they will police this with the doctors and nurse practitioners etc, I have no idea.  I took it up to the second in command at my hospital and they didn't want to hear what I had to say.

It had already been decided by then.

Here's what happened.

One of my coworkers is on the infection control committee and told me what they were proposing. Of course I flipped out.  Nail polish is my hobby, the thing I do you know?  I went to Facebook and asked in one of the nail groups for help. Anything from proof that nail polish is safe to what does their hospital policy state.

I got some good stuff and passed it on to my coworker to show at the meetings.

What I then found out was, she couldn't go to the meeting that counted as she had a family emergency.  I decided to take matters into my own hands at that point.

I emailed one of the doctors in Epidemiology asking if he could spare some time to talk to me about this issue. This was after I had emailed around trying to find out who actually approves and makes these policies.  Seems he passed my email on to the second in command who reached out to me and a meeting was set.

I met with my superior first and she helped me get my thoughts down on paper and get a good presentation going as I couldn't just walk in there and say I think this sucks.

I had a counter proposal I had gotten from someone on Facebook called the 96 hour rule.  This is that you have to have fresh regular nail polish on every 96 hours.  All their proof is against gel nail polish and acrylics.  They had nothing on regular nail polish.  I pushed that point.

I was very nervous and the time finally came to meet with the second in command and the head of infection control.  My presentation started by saying that I don't understand this rule.  That all of their proof is not about regular nail polish, yet they are banning it anyway.  When I started comparing it to when I was in high school and we weren't allowed to were shorts, yet miniskirts were allowed, they cut me off and basically said it's a done deal.

Of course, I kept going trying to get my point across.  They weren't having it.  I mean they were totally nice about it.  A bit condescending saying they really like that I felt comfortable enough to come and talk to them about this.  That they could see I was passionate about this topic, but they already made up their minds.

It seems they have decided that the 20-30% of people who wear nail polish are causing 100% of the infections in the hospital and by banning polish, it will totally eradicate infection.

Ummmmm yeah right.

So I asked them what would happen when they find out that it isn't nail polish causing infection, but bad hand washing or something else.  They claim they will revisit this issue but I know right now that once they ban nail polish, it ain't coming back.

I haven't worn polish for over a week now.  I do still have my clear EZ Dip gel on as I refuse to give up the length I've gotten with it.  I am trying to figure out the best matte top coat to use as the shine from the dip gel process gives me away.  I actually flashed my "naked" nails to my boss earlier this week when she mentioned that the second in command had told her that "I did a good job" with my presentation.

She couldn't tell and said I had nice nails.  I can totally tell and she was across the room so I don't think I've gotten the right combo yet.  I also know that when I do wear polish on top, it sometimes stains the gel and that would totally give me away at work that I don't have naked nails.

I am really sad about this.  As stupid as it is, nail polish is important to me.  Having my nails done is important to me.  I'm not one to slap polish on take a picture for this blog, then take it right back off. When I asked you guys before if you would be ok with my still doing this blog, but without nail polish pictures, no one said anything.  So I'm not sure what to do here.

Tell me something.

Since I knew this day was coming, I started wearing ones I've been saving.  This is C&C Subterfuge.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
I am so in love with this brand!!! I've also not bought any new polish in forever.  They did tell me that they would show my presentation to the people who decide on new policies.  Part of me is still hoping they will let regular polish through.  February 1 is going to come way too fast for me.

What are your thoughts?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?