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Friday, December 23, 2016

Liquid Sky Lacquer Pumpkin Pie

So I've decided to give Siri a try.  Ever since I got an iphone that included it, I turned it off.  Just figured it was a gimmicky type thing.  But every time I go get my hair done, my hair dresser uses Siri for all sorts of things.  So I decided I'd give it a try.

The default voice is a female American voice.

Oh hell no.

I downloaded the Australian male voice as it was either that or British.  Sorry UK! So far, I have used it to call my mom and I texted her once as well.  I have my location turned off and I keep forgetting to try to use it.  The other day I wanted to call the police, and I kept asking Siri to look up the State Police phone number and Siri wasn't getting it.

Maybe there's a trick to using it that I haven't figure out yet.  I just Googled it and found a site that lists 69 uses for Siri. Very cool information to be had there.  When I was getting my hair done and downloading Siri, my hairdresser told her Siri "I love you Siri"

To whit, Siri replied something like "Hold me tight" She and I started laughing so damn hard we were crying as it was so unexpected.  The website does say to ask Siri important life questions to see what humorous things Siri says back.  I definitely need to use it more to get in the habit.

Let's see.  Work stuff.  Ms Princess really didn't talk to me last week at all.  Not that I'm complaining whatsoever. It seems they told her that when her replacement starts, she will only be given a week to show her the nitty gritty as it were before she is moved out of the position.

I mean if she didn't get to keep the job as she isn't doing it right, why would you want her to teach the new person wrong???

All I know is that I keep my head down and do my job.  It's kept me surviving for this long!

Oh why did I want to call the police??

I was driving home from work this past Friday and this guy was driving like a damn maniac.  I mean I drive fast, but I don't zip in and out of lanes almost causing accidents like this guy was doing.  I didn't want to call 911 as I didn't think this was an emergency per se.

He had a vanity plate, so it was easy to remember and when I got home, I called the local State Police to tell them and guess what?? Dude gave me attitude big time.  Like how do I know he hasn't gotten off the interstate and why am I not still following him?  Gee, I'm sorry, I was trying to do the right thing.

Next time, I'll just start a high speed pursuit and do your job for you.

For today, this is one of my other first Liquid Sky Lacquers.  Pumpkin Pie.

Indoor Sun
Indoor Sun
This is like a light burnt orangey brown holo and of course I love this kind of color! This is a strong linear holo, where the other LSLs I've shown you this week were more scattered.

I much prefer linear, but that's just me!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?