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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

NexGen Update Session

I thought I'd take a post and spend some time answering questions I see people asking when they do a Google search.  It's crazy, but my NexGen post is by far my top read post ever.

You remember how I started.

This was how my nails looked before and after my very first NexGen application. I had to have tips at that time. Since then, it's been nine months and I no longer need the tips, as my nails have grown out.

Here are some of the questions I see searched for:

1) Can you polish on top of NexGen?  Yes you can.  All of my photos of late, are of regular polish on top of NexGen like you see in my picture.  If you're not one to change your polish like I do, NexGen does comes in all sorts of cool colors that you can choose from. I use the color sheer pink.

2) Can you file NexGen nails?  Yes you can. You will need a stronger grit file, but yes you can certainly do that.  I used to file and shape my nails right before I was to get a fresh set put on.  While this is ok, it doesn't leave any room for shaping after the gel dip is applied.  So I stopped doing that. Yes length can be clipped down with nail clippers before the final hardener is applied in the salon.

3) How do you remove NexGen nails?  Simply by soaking in pure acetone.  It takes about ten minutes or so. Because of this though, if you change polish like I do, you can only use non acetone remover.  It works, just takes more time.

4) Can you do fills instead of a getting a full set every time?  No.  You really do need to soak off the gel and start fresh.  Because of the way it is applied, by dipping the nail into a tub of powder, there really isn't any way to just dip in the fill in area.

5)  NexGen is a brand, so if you're looking for a salon you want to google 'gel dip'.  That's what the technique is called.  My mom's salon uses a brand called ANC-American Nail Company. So it just depends on what your area salons use.

6) How often do you have to do a new set?  This depends on how fast your nails grow.  Mine grow very fast, but as you can see from my before picture, they come out unhealthy and break.  For me, I get mine done every two weeks.  My mom goes every three weeks.  It also depends on whether you can ignore the growth gap.  I can't.

7) How much does it cost? Depends on where you live.  I pay $40, mom pays $31.

8) How long does it take? For me from soak off to out the door is one hour.

How my nails look now.

Here are some examples of my nails now.  These are my nails and not tips.  Personally, lately I have done three dips instead of two as I've just been too rough and broken too many nails.  Since I've gone with the three dips, I haven't broken any.  I also had gotten way too crazy with the length as I never had long nails before-now I do a much more normal length.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to use my message me button under my picture, or leave me a comment!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?