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Friday, June 26, 2015

Polish My Life Stripped, Commando and Little Red Dress

It seems a lot of you were curious enough to click the link meant for the guy who disappeared. Because of that, it's now one of my top five posts this week.  I wrote that back in 2011 and I still think it's hilarious! I hope you guys did too.

I think I've finally had enough at work.  I am no longer going to get involved in the Stupid bullsh*t. They were told their jobs were changing as of two days ago.  And as of two days ago, they still haven't made her get off her ass and do some work.  There's been crying, nasty emails, threats of quitting and yet no work is being done. Still. I have had a clinic taken away and more work added to my load and yet they still get to do nothing.

I'm just tired.  So freaking tired of the whole thing.  The bosses keep saying this will happen and  yet nothing does.  So I'm done.  I'm washing my hands of the whole mess.  I'm going to keep my head down, ignore them and do my work, and leave when the day is done.  I think it's the only way to keep my sanity.  I'm afraid if I don't, I'm going to explode in a huge ball of rage.

I'm hopeful that Stupid will just up and quit.  She's useless anyway.  She's been there 3.5 years so far and still doesn't know her job.  That's quite long enough don't ya think?

Remember a few posts back when I had a black white and red idea but it came out grey and blue? I decided to do a true black white and red mani for today.

Here's the silly bottle shot.

This is Polish My Life Commando, Stripped and Little Red Dress.

I started with all Stripped.


You gotta love a nice white base.  Next I took a bunch of nail vinyls and did some flowers.


Indoor Sun
Ignore the freakin schmear! Damn that makes me so mad.  I read to avoid that, you wipe your top coat brush off in between each stroke to not drag the color.  I will definitely do that next time.  It always seems to happen with reds.

Other than that, I love this mani.  That tiny hint of green in the flowers is just perfect!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?