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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Essie Coat Couture

My mom was here for Father's Day weekend.  I know she's waiting for this blog post telling the world how she wore me out.

Well mom, here is that post!  And yes you wore me out!

We did so many chores around the house, it's insane.  She painted around the windows and front door as that hadn't been done from April when she stained the porch and painted the shutters green.  So now I have reddish brown cedar shingles on the walls, kelly green shutters and pale yellow around the windows and front door frame. It looks very nice!  Mom had started with a brighter yellow, but it was just way too bright.  I'll show you.

You can see the two different color yellows.  We went with the lighter color.

I power washed the front porch not once, but twice.  After mom had stained it back in April, there was the huge influx of pollen that stuck to the new stain and wouldn't let go.  Now it looks very nice again.  There was a very bad thunderstorm during the night and tons of branches and sticks were all over the yard. So we had to pick those up.  Keep in mind, while we did all this outdoor work, it was 95F!!!

We went shopping and I finally got my mom to spend some money on herself and get some new clothes.  She got a bunch of new shorts, pants and crop pants.  We ordered new sandals off the internet.  It's about time she had some new stuff for herself!

The best thing that happened though? We were at the mall and passed this gorgeous bedspread. Normally priced at $300.  On sale for $99.99, if you opened a store credit card, you got another 15% off and another $10 off.  We ended up paying only $75 for each bedspread.  And one of the reasons we got them at such a great price? They were mislabeled!!!  Hell, if the store is wrong, that's on them.  I'm certainly not going to correct them and pay more!!

So now mom and I have matching bedspreads.  The stupid thing though, we thought, most comforters run small, so we got King size bedspreads.  Well, apparently, bedspreads are true to size and fall to the floor.

Who knew????

So mom has already swapped hers for a Queen size.  Mine had to be ordered, and it comes today.  I may have to swap mine for a Queen as well.  When I called the store to ask them to hold one for me, the lady was all sorts of snotty and acting superior.  How was I supposed to know that bedspreads are true to size and comforters are not?????

Well I know now beeyotch!

I took pictures of the bedspread so you can see how pretty it is.

I just love the detail stitching here.  I can't wait to get mine!  And yeah, it's freakin awesome we got this for $75 instead of paying $300!!!!

Never pay retail people!!!!!

Now because we did so much work, I didn't have time to do any nail art.  I just swatched Essie Coat Couture for you.  This is a matte, but I added top coat as I hate matte!

This is a gorgeous color!

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Check out all that shimmer!  OMG it's a beautiful polish!  Go get yourselves one right now!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?