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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Chaos and Crocodiles Interrogation

So I know a lot of you probably have read 50 Shades of Grey.  I know I have and I really liked them. I have not seen the movie yet, but most likely will when mom visits this month.

Mom is now on the fourth of five books so far by author Sylvia Day.  She writes books with "adult content" but it's basically sex like 50 Shades.  Mom and I like to laugh that they are porn books and that I'm not allowed to tell people she's reading them.

Whoops.  Don't be mad mom!

I haven't read any yet, but will pick up the first one after I finish the one I just started last night.  I just don't understand how there can be five books, with the same two characters and still have some new sex thing to write about.  I mean come on people.  Mom says these people do it all over the place four times a day.  How do you get any work done?  That's my first thought.  Not you go people.  Just sounds all very tiring to me.

How many different ways and places are there to do it to have written five books about it? Oh well, I guess I will find out and get back to you once I've started the series.

Those who live for Stephen King-know that he has a new book coming out this month.  I have already preordered it.  I hope it's a good one.  I so miss the days of the books where his stories scared the crap out of me.  Lately, not so much.

I wonder if he's run out of things to say or if the accident he had ruined his creativity.  Only he knows I guess.

I don't remember if I told you I bought a textbook on Embryology.  Not because I like kids, but more because the human body fascinates the hell out of me and I want to know how one cell can turn into a human.  How does this cell know it's going to be a hand and this one a liver? I know it's in the genetics and DNA crap, but stuff migrates and moves around and if just one of those things doesn't do what they're supposed to you have health issues, birth defects etc.

Yeah, I like learning for fun.  Call me a geek.

Now let's get to this gorgeous orange holo!  Silly bottle shot time!

This is Chaos and Crocodiles Interrogation from the Secret Agents Set.

It's a stunner.

Outdoor Sun

Outdoor Sun
Now you all know I live for linear holos like this.  And I have a thing for orange!!!

Next, get ready for it-I did my very first leopard print.  I used Mundo Black and White.

Outdoor Sun

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Do you see the difference between the two light sources? I could stare at this all day long.  I'm sure my leopard needs work.  It's my first one-any suggestions for me?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?