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Monday, June 22, 2015

Chaos and Crocodiles Subterfuge, EP October 2014, Custom Holo

I've officially counted my Enchanted Polish collection.  I'm at 120 so far.  I wish I hadn't counted as now I can do a guesstimate as to how many total polish I own.  Shall we do the math together? 120 per book case and I have 6 bookcases which makes 720 plus the 20 bottles on top of each one which adds another 120 for a total of 840.

Hmmmmmmmmmm.  840.

That's not as many as I had envisioned in my head.  This is only a guess it's not a factual number but it's much lower than what I had feared I own.  This does not include the 75 or so I still need to sell. I had figured closer to 1000.  So 840 sounds pretty good to me right about now.

What's your number?

It's been hot as hell here.  Mid 90sF.  Plus I've been swinging from cold to sweaty for the past few days.  I'm on antibiotics so I'm hoping it's just a reaction to that, but there's a niggle in the back of my mind that's wondering if I'm perimenopausal.

Yup.  I went there people.  I'm getting up there (47) and that's roughly the time it starts right? Yes I know I should go and see a gyno and have blood work done, but I'm really just too lazy at the moment for all that nonsense.  If this crap keeps continuing, I'll most likely need to.

So today's mani is a cool one I think.  I used a new to me nail vinyl brand and shape and I have to say, I'm in love and can see many many future manis with this design.  I even ordered more already!

Here's the silly bottle shot.

This is Enchanted Polish October 2014, a custom holo and Chaos and Crocodiles Subterfuge.

I started with all Subterfuge.  You've seen this before!

Outdoor Sun

Outdoor Sun
This is much more yellow IRL.  But yeah that rainbow-swooooooooooon.

Next I used nail vinyls and did this.

Outdoor Sun

Outdoor Sun
How awesome is this????? I am LOVING the pinky big time.  I see a full mani with that design in my near future. Kind of an abstract tribal thing happening here.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?