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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Chick Rocker Chick

Gonna let you all in on a secret.  I'm damn good at getting polish during frantic restocks.  You know the ones that sell out in less than a minute?  Yeah, I'm a Jedi Master at them.

So I've been getting polish for my friend Cathy in Australia.  First was a set of the Chaos holos and then she asked if I could try to get the Pipedream Polish neons. I already had a set that I had gotten before the polish world went nuts for them.

I'm going to give you my blow by blow so you will feel how it was.

I was at work and the restock had been set for 1pm.  Seems people had started messing with the site hours before and there was a hint that the whole thing would be cancelled.

Starting at 12:59, I hit refresh and refresh and refresh until the stock is there.  I immediately put it in my cart, the site crashes.


Refresh, refresh, refresh.  Site back, check out, view cart.  Site crashes.


Refresh, refresh, refresh.  Site back.  In check out area, try to log in.  Site crashes.


Refresh, refresh, refresh.  Won't let me log in as the site keeps crashing.  So instead, I fill in all the information. Site crashes.


Keep in mind, this whole time, I'm at work, yelling at the computer saying come on come on come on. Refresh, refresh, refresh.

Finally, try to go to PayPal. Site crashes.


Refresh, refresh, refresh.  Finally, I get an order number.  Site crashes.


But then there's word of an over sell and it takes two days for me to find out that I was successful.  I got them yesterday and will ship them to Australia shortly. I do believe I may have been the first order through. My order number ended in 1.

This whole event literally took five minutes.  My PayPal receipt was stamped 1:05. Had the item in my cart within one second, the rest was trying to get through the site crashes. My advice to people out there is to never give up, refresh all the time and practice. Seconds count in these things!

My coworker afterwards was like WTF? Non polish people just don't get it.

Now last post I told you about how I ruined my mani.  I was not going to do a whole new design.

Here is the silly bottle shot.

This is Chick Rocker Chick. See the purple shimmer in there?  Swooooooooooon.

I did a full mani.


This is dark, vampy and the most awesome deep shimmer ever.  It's one of the only Chick I saved as it's so gorgeous.

Just know that the next post has what could be my most awesome mani to date.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?