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Monday, April 20, 2015

Enchanted Polish January 2015, Stamping

I am so glad it's almost time for me to get my nails done.  I have literally cracked two nails this time and had to re-gel them with my set up at home.  I will have to go to three dips this time instead of two.  Luckily, it is on my Cinderella hand and not my photo hand. I just think my nails have gotten thinner from all the filing and gel and that two layers may not be enough for me anymore. I am tough on my nails big time.

I am in hiding from the Man.  And by the man I mean the police.  My car inspection was due in March and it's now mid April.  Whoops!  Get this-I got my car in a January, so my original sticker was January.  The next year, I didn't quite make my inspection that month, so it became February. The next year I didn't quite make it that month, so it became March.  I didn't quite make it this year, so it shall be April.

We will see what happens next year.  But I'm betting based on my past behavior.................

I got my first hummingbird for the season already.  Every April 1st, I put my feeders out for them. So far, I've just seen the one, but don't they travel in packs?

Oh and remember those plants mom and I repotted? I had put them outside for some sun and when I went to bring them in, one cracked and broke spilling dirt and plant all over my back deck.  I was pissed! Plus, I was out of the big pots, so I had to use a small pot until I can get a bigger one to re-repot it once again.

Work is work, but for the new Resident I have to deal with.  They rotate every three months, so I'm stuck with him for a while now.  He's one of those who think they are better than everyone because they are a doctor and you're not.  One of those who think they are so smart, but in reality, not so much.  He's already plucking my nerves and I'm gonna have to straighten his a** out!

Here is today's bottle shot.

This is Enchanted Polish January 2015 and Mundo Pink.

I started with all January 2015.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This is one gorgeous deep dark purple!  Next I stamped with FUN2 and my Mundo.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
I am so NOT a fan of Hello Kitty-but I was lazy and it was there and I know lots of you out there are in love with Hello Kitty.

So this one's for you!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?