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Friday, April 10, 2015

Chaos and Crocodiles Protocol

So remember when I said I've been very good and haven't bought any polish lately?  Well this has been very true, although the Chaos new pastel holo set has been preordered as I told you I was going to do.

The sucky thing? When the preorder was supposed to start, the website was malfunctioning and there was no ordering to be had!  I was in a big ass panic.  I had visions of the preorder being delayed until I was in bed sleeping and I'd miss out on these new colors.  Yes I was really going there in my head.

I spent about ten minutes refreshing the screen and toggling back and forth to the Chaos Facebook page for updates.  I was having a serious panic attack!  What is it about a new polish collection and not being able to get it that causes such a reaction in us polish addicts?  After about ten minutes, the site finally came online and I immediately ordered the set and checked out.

Only then did I start to breathe normally again............

Now I am doing the preorder waiting game.  Am told 3-4 weeks.  Cross your fingers it's not that long.

Now let's get to today's gorgeous holo.  I actually did a very simple design for today.

Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Chaos and Crocodiles Protocol and Mundo Blue Grey and Cream.

I did a full mani with Protocol.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
How amazing is this??? Man I am so in love with this brand, it ain't even funny! So worth the money I spent getting this set.  I am one happy girl.

I didn't want to mess with this and didn't have much time, so I simply did a dot flower at the base.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Yes, once again I messed up the damn center dot.  Just pretend it's perfect! Stare into the holo goodness and all will be well again!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?