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Monday, April 6, 2015

ILNP Homecoming

Took a short break from the blog as my mom has been here for the past week.  Damn did we get a ton of work done!  Since my Dad passed, I haven't done anything around my house.  It really needed some good old fashioned Spring cleaning.

So that's what we did.  We started by cleaning out three of my closets. I was ruthless in what I kept and what I threw out.  I'm talking a ton of stuff.  It's now simply amazing how much room I have gained back in those closets and the piles growing around the house have now gone into the closets in neat, easy to access piles.  It's awesome!

My mom went to town while I was at work vacuuming and dusting the inside, plus she stained my front porch and front walls of my cedar shingled house.  I had picked out a darker rich red mahogany color and it looks oh so stunning.  But then the front door and shingles looked out of place.  So I picked out a kelly green paint and I love it, but mom is still undecided.  What's left to do is the door frame and window frames.  We are thinking a pale yellow to tie the green and mahogany together.

I had gone to Home Depot four times in one week.  The cashier poked fun at me saying he was going to put me on the payroll!

The last things we did were outside.  We weeded some of my driveway, raked up a ton of leaves, transplanted some daffodils, re-potted my house plants, and weeded the back garden as well as planting a new rose bush my coworkers got me in memory of my Dad.  I have to say I am quite exhausted, but happy at how good everything looks.

My mom did an amazing job and I am forever grateful for all she does for me.  I love you Mom!

Now because we were so busy doing all these things, I did little to no nail art.  Just polished and left them alone.

Today I have an ILNP polish for you.

This is ILNP Homecoming.  I did a full mani with this and it's awesome!


This is a deep dark purple and the stupid sun hid right when it was time for photos!  It really is a gorgeous polish!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?