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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Chaos and Crocodiles Cipher and Stamping

Spring is finally here! I have baby leaves popping out on my trees and my lawn grass is already overgrown and in need of a mow.  I'm having to find someone new as my last lawn guy went AWOL and disconnected all his phone numbers etc.  I've been playing phone tag with one place only asking for $5 more than I was paying.  I just need to get it done.  It looks like crap when it's this long.

Then I see my driveway is already overrun with weeds. I need to spray that and soon! All these fun chores that I didn't have to do when winter was here.  Maybe I shouldn't have wished for Spring?

Last week was hell week for traffic.  Monday, I left work at my usual time 4:30. I see the sign stating accident mile marker 84 two right lanes closed. Well sh*t.  That ruins my ride home.  I thought I'd be smart and take the exit before the accident and get on the rural route that parallels the highway.

Oh yeah.  Everyone else had that very same idea.  So now I'm miles from the rural route going through several light cycles to get to my road.  Took me a long time to get home that day.  I get off work Friday at 2.  Imagine my surprise when I see the sign once again says accident mile marker 84 two right lanes closed.  I think to myself, no freakin way.  That can't be right.  They just didn't update the sign. How is that possible to have an accident days apart different times of day at the same exact place with the same exact lane closure?

I convinced myself it wasn't true until I hit the damn backup of traffic.  This time I told myself I'm just going to ride it out.  I got all the way to the exit before the accident and decided to dodge the accident and take the rural route.  This time because it wasn't rush hour, it wasn't too damn bad.

Let's hope the traffic karma is better this week.

Here is the silly bottle shot for today.

This is Chaos and Crocodiles Cipher and Mundo Blue Grey.

I started with all Cipher.  This is actually more teal IRL.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This brand continues to impress!  The new pastel set is supposed to be shipped very soon!  I decided to do some simple stamping with my Mundo.  I used plate Bundle Monster BM411.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This holo is so strong it even glows through the stamping!  How awesome is that?????

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?