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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bettina Camel, Cheer, CbL Burnt Sugar, Blond Ambition

I needed a brown day.  It has been so damn long since I wore my favorite color that I should be ashamed.  I am so fixated on getting followers on Instagram and know they don't like brown, that I have sacrificed my favorite color for it.  Well no longer people!  I am gonna let my brown freak fly!

I also discovered a Bettina that I've had, but hadn't worn. It's a stunner and will be worn again.

But first, have you seen the promo for the new ZOYA Naturel collection?  You know that the Fall colors get me every time.  I've been so good not buying polish this summer, but the Fall collections will soon be showing up and I must remain strong.  I'm not even a Zoya fan most of the time.  I own a few, but it's not a brand I buy a ton of.  I'll give you a hint.  Read my first paragraph here again. I'll wait.............

YES it's BROWN! There are three browns and three plums.  The preorder is July 21-I'm not sure I'll do the preorder as I just bought some CbL-more on that in a minute.  I think I want to see swatches first. I will most likely end up with the three browns-IF they are different than the browns from last years Fall collection-I'm talking Flynn and Louise, which I own, and the darkest plum one.  I'm a sucker for those.

Actually, I just went on their website and it's letting me put them in the cart to buy.  I'm leaning towards the two darker browns and the darkest plum.  Just those three, but again, I'm going to wait for some swatches and a sale because every other time I've bought from Zoya, a few days later there's a damn sale.  I complained to them about this and they were all like too bad so sad.

As for the CbL? I had about 8 in my cart, then whittled that down to four, then got home and realized I bought one I already have a similar version of.  So I'll be selling or swapping that one.  So three from eight ain't bad! One wasn't even a holo!

OK-now on to the mani at hand.  Here's the silly bottle shot.

This is Colores de Carol Holo Blast, Colors by Llarowe Burnt Sugar, Blond Ambition, Bettina Cheer and Camel.

I started with Camel and Blond.  I have yet to do a full mani with Blond as it's so damn blingy I'm afraid of going blind!

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Damn I love this Blond holo!  Next I simply taped and added some flowers or shamrocks if you will.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Isn't this green Cheer gorgeous???? How I long for this color in a holo.  Wouldn't that be great?

If you're one of those people that get free Zoya for swatching? Please think of me and mail them to me! Or if not, please compare the lightest brown to Flynn and the darker one to Louise from last year's Cashmere collection.  Thank you.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?