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Sunday, July 6, 2014

EP Keep Watch, LSL Sugared Berries

It seems I get a tiny bit more views if I don't do my normal figure out the meaning title. So lame as they are, I will continue to do so at least until I get uber popular!

It's technically July 4th when I'm typing this. I have the day off from work.  Yesterday at work, my coworkers got stupid in my bosses face, she then came down to our office and they just laid into each other.  I totally ignored them.  I was looking up a new prostate cancer treatment not available in the USA.  Yeah, I'm like that.  After my boss stormed off, I slyly emailed her and was like WTF?  I went up to her office and we bitched about them together.  It's SO nice to finally have a boss who I can get along with.  I told her she better not leave me!

The other fun thing was the fact that one of my other coworkers in a different department decided once again to tell me she's on vacation next week at the last minute as she always does.  I have asked her more times than I can count to give me more notice, as I'm the only one trained to take her place and the assumption will be that I will cover her clinics.  Well NOT.  There is one that I just can't and won't cover as I have my main conference and clinic that day.  Had she told me this on Monday and not the day before she goes on vacation, I could have had time to train someone to cover that clinic.  So here's what happened.  Me and a nurse practitioner were bitching about her when she walked in, heard me bitching about her and I just went ahead and unloaded on her ass.

You bet I did.  She continues to wait til the last minute, plus I'm one who will tell you to your face, not just talk behind your back kind of person.  So yeah.  Her response?  You ready for this?  Her reply was that I get the same schedule that she does, and I could look up when SHE goes on vacation.  Really?????  That's what you're gonna give me as your excuse?  WOW did that piss me off even further.  Oh she got it good from me. Plus I emailed my boss three times telling her that I would not cover that one clinic and be pulled away from my main clinic for it.  I told her that someone else needs to be trained as I can't be expected to be the only coverage.

It totally ruined the rest of my day.  Every time she and I passed each other-not a look, not a word.  I'm good with that.  This is why I'm glad to have this three day weekend right now.  I can't take this crap!

Now onto what I think is a pretty cool mani.

Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Colores de Carol Holo Blast, Enchanted Polish Keep Watch, Liquid Sky Lacquer Sugared Berries and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

I started with Boyfriend and Holo Blast.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Gorgeous.  Now I had seen a mani by Nails and Polka Dots on Instagram.  She had used nail wraps on a purple base.  I took that idea and made my own spin on it using tape.  Here is my version of this mani.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
How gorgeous is Keep Watch??  Look at those rainbows!  I will never tire of that ever. Remember the design on my pointer finger, as you will see it again.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?