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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Enchanted Polish March 2014 and New Bettina

Yeah, I've decided to give up the weird titles.  I thought I'd try it this way and see if I get more hits.  And actually, the last post I did.  Instead of my regular 200 a day, I got 250.  So that's something eh?

Lost my cool this past Friday.  I told you about the stress at work with my coworkers? Well, they called yet another meeting with my boss, to bitch some more about all the changes.  They wanted to do it earlier in the day, and I'm all like please do.  Of course, I had another clinic to take care of.  So they decided to hold off til I could attend after my clinic.  Joy.

So my clinic went long and one of my patients, who is the nicest person is not doing well, so that upset me. The meeting was for 1, but at 12:45 I just finished my clinic and hadn't had lunch yet.  I was shaking with hunger.  I decided then and there that I was going to boycott this meeting.  I just could not and would not sit and listen to bitchfest part 2000000000.

I got my lunch, and while sitting at my desk, just lost it and started crying.  At that moment I was alone, so it was ok in my mind.  Next thing I know, my boss comes in, thinking the meeting is to take place in our office and sees me crying.  She asks me if I'm all right, and I just let loose and tell her that I just can't sit and listen to any more bitching, that my coworkers have been doing it all week and I just can't deal.  She was very cool about the whole thing and let me skip it.

I'm NOT the one with the issue right?!?

After she left, I also realized I was probably having major PMS that is contributing to my meltdown, but it's all good.  They came back, said they missed me at the meeting and that it went well.  Man I so hope that is true.  I do not want to start the new week listening to any more moaning.

Plus, later this week is my birthday!  My own personal holiday.  Of course, since it's on a Saturday, I just had to take Friday off!  More on that later.

Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is new Bettina Sunkissed and Key Lime with Enchanted Polish March 2014 in the middle.

I started with skittles.


Notice anything missing?  YAY no marked out areas!  Yes, finally I have stopped picking my skin and making badness happen.  This is also what I wore to my photo shoot I told you about.

After I got home, I finished this off by stamping using Cici&Sisi plates 3 & 5.

I decided this was missing a little something and added a light layer of Colores de Carol holo top coat.


Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Close Up
Now I am going to break my own rule I set when I started this blog.  You see, I don't like when people post their feet online.  It's just a thing I have.  I appreciate when people warn me it's coming.

This is your warning!  I matched my toes sort of for my photo shoot by wearing Picture Polish Kryptonite.

Unfortunately, the angle is not capturing this gorgeous polish very well.  Trust that the sparkle in this is amazing!

Do you like seeing people's feet?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?