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Friday, April 18, 2014

Difficult Tape Mani

People-I have so many updates for you, it ain't even funny.  I will spread them out over the next three posts.

But which one to start with?

I had my photo shoot this past weekend.  Let's just say I am no model.  I may have been more relaxed had I not been among strangers.  I am awkward until I am comfortable with the people around me.

There was a professional photographer, professional makeup artist and my hairdresser of course, since it was her photo shoot, and two random guys.  One kind of hot, definitely built, the other? Not even of legal age!  Maybe 16-17?  I didn't ask.  We will get back to that later.

So I had had my hair freshly dyed a few days before, so that didn't have to be done again.  My hairdresser started with my hair, doing a really cool 60s mad housewife bouffant from back in the day.  Damn my hair was big!  I then went to the makeup artist's station and he did a really cool cat's eye liner and makeup.  I have to say I looked good.

I changed into an oversize white button down shirt, wide black ribbon used as a belt and it was time for the first pictures.  I stood in front of a white paper background.  I never thought to ask what was going to be in the background once the pics are done. As I said, I am no model.  I did what I was told.  Turn this way, look happy, don't smile, grin-let's just say I was stiff and awkward.  She had to position me a few times.

The next outfit was a bandage dress.  For those who do not know what this is, it's a dress, made famous by the designer, Herve Leger, and looks like you've been wrapped in an Ace bandage.  This was not my dress as I don't own a little black dress.  It was short, it was tight as hell and I felt like I should have been on a street corner. I held a black and red boa for those shots.

I stayed in that dress, returned to get my hair changed.  This time, tons of hot pink hair extensions were added and then my hair was pinned up with some of the pink hanging down.  I went back to makeup and they slutted up my eyes to a heavy black liner etc.

Then back to pictures.  This time, holding an all black boa.  I was finally able to take off this tight dress, back into the white shirt and this time, I was going to take pics with one of the guys.  Did I get the kind of hot guy?

Hell no.  I was with the underage kid.  I felt kind of dirty-the pictures were not sexy or anything like that, but it just felt weird to be 45 with an under 18 kid.

I do have rough pictures I had them take with my iphone, but I am going to wait til I have the finished professional ones before showing you guys.

As you know, I work under a pseudonym and don't show my face.  So I'm not comfortable showing you pictures that haven't been finished.  I promise you, I did look at her camera pics and some are really awesome if I do say so myself!

My parents were visiting that weekend, and when I got home with the hot pink and slutty makeup?  My mom was underwhelmed!  HEHEHEH.

Overall, it was very fun. I've never had professional makeup and photos done before. It was a once in a lifetime thing.

OK.  Now onto the topic at hand.  Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Painted Polish by Lexi English Mint, A England St George and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

I started with skittles.

Indoor Sun


Indoor Sun

This Mint is a brand new to me.  It is touted as a subtle holo.  I call it a holo for one, since the wearer is really the only person meant to enjoy it!

Next I placed a lot of tape to make an intricate design, then dotted and was so tired and frustrated by the time I finished, I did not do my other hand!  Yup, I went on in life with only one hand done.  The other just swatched.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun



Close Up
Oh how cool is this????  So worth the trouble, yes!  I love these colors together.  I was very happy with how this came out.  Not perfect, but good enough for me to enjoy!

Have you ever done a photo shoot before?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?