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Monday, April 7, 2014

Serendipity Now!!!

I have quashed yet another lemming of mine.  Today is the day I show it to you!

I have been quite sick the past week with a bad chest cold.  I mean hard core.  I missed a day and a half of work and generally wondered how long it was gonna take to feel better.  The weird thing was, it started in my chest.  Woke up that day wondering why my chest hurt some.  A couple of minor coughs that day, tired but nothing else.  The next day, the coughing started, then the BAM I'm down for the count.  It's not a cold I want to repeat.

Did you know that you never get the same cold twice?  Little factoid for you.  There are hundreds of cold viruses out there and each cold you get, you build immunity to so you never get that exact cold virus again.  If there were only one cold virus, we'd all be done by now with ever having colds again.  Wouldn't that be cool?

I'm finally starting to feel human again, actually ate some lunch after a week of nothing. I hate being sick don't you?

Ok onto the lemming.  I got it off Ebay and it's gorgeous!!  Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Enchanted Polish Serendipity and September 2013.  I've been wanting that yellow holo for quite some time, but it's usually not found for a reasonable price.  I got lucky I think. You can really see the pink shimmer in this Serendipity.  Swoooooon.

I started with skittles.

No sun again so these are flash shots.  But do you see the hint of pink shimmer in the yellow? Yeah it has that.  I love it!!!

Next I stamped using my Cici&Sisi plate 9 and I ruined it, although my stamping is perfect I must say!

Close Up

Did I mention that I tried to do a gradient before I stamped?  Yeah.  Not a good look.  I will most definitely need to wear this Serendipity again and not cover up the gorgeousness!

How has your week been?

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?