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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pearl Meets A Holo

I went to Sally's the other day looking for Seche Restore. They didn't have any, but they did have a new rack of OPI.  This is new.  I perused the rack and realized I didn't have a white pearl polish.  I now have one.

This past Friday at work, I wore a skirt new to them, not to me.  You see, it was my divorce skirt.  The one I specifically bought to a) look fabulous and make him jealous and b) to look nice for court.  This was around 2006.  After my court date, I literally put this skirt in the back of my closet and forgot all about it. For some reason, I was digging in my closet and found this skirt again.  I pulled it out and decided to wear it.

Now I normally wear the long loose flowing prairie skirts.  This particular skirt is form fitting and down to my ankles.  I was worried I'd be looking ho-ish and inappropriate for work.  Well, I got a lot of compliments wearing it. Because it's so form fitting, it's a pain to walk in since I take very long strides.  That took getting used to, taking shorter strides.

I guess it's been long enough that I can wear this skirt again.

Have you ever had an article of clothing you couldn't wear again?

Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is OPI Kyoto Pearl, Enchanted Poison Apple, Rescue Beauty Lounge Become One and Liquid Sky Lacquer Can't be Tamed.

I started with a full mani with Pearl.  The damn sun again hid for this entire mani.

I had forgotten how frosty a pearl polish is.  Not my favorite thing.

Did I tell you that another Enchanted Polish that I own went for $300 on EBay?????  INSANE!  So I decided to use some original Enchanteds for these next two posts to mess with the people out there paying this much!

I taped off and started with Tamed. This is a yellow green holo.  Here is that step.

I actually changed the tape again after this picture.  I then added the Poison Apple.

Pretty cool so far eh?  I then added some dots with Become One.  Here are the results.


Ott Lite


Ott Lite

Close Up

I am totally in love with this!  I wish the sun had come out for it.  But I think this came out really cool.

So Pearl has officially met a holo.  What do you think?

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?