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Saturday, January 25, 2014

More Green Fun

I continue with more green today.  I realized I haven't worn any green in quite a few posts plus I still wanted to wear some original Enchanted Polish to mess with the people out there paying hundreds for them on EBay.  It's such crap that people buy these just to sell them on EBay and make money.  It keeps many people from being able to get them who actually want to wear them.

I am still working on relabeling all my posts.  I started back at the beginning.  I have almost 500 posts and 5 pages of posts to go through.  So far, I have done one page and part of another.  It's going to take quite some time to get it all done.  It'll totally be worth it for you guys to be able to navigate my stuff easier.

One day last week, I actually had 3200 hits in one day.  I had to rub my eyes and check it again as I was in disbelief.  It was totally a fluke, I must have somehow gotten on some random site and gotten those hits.  I've been back to my normal 200 hits a day since.  I can't imagine getting a million hits a month like blogazons do. That would be freaky to me!  A girl can dream.

You guys interested in true crime?  I totally am.  I watch all the shows on Investigation Discovery and am right now reading the Jodi Arias story.  For those who don't know, she's a girl who killed her boyfriend and became a media sensation and didn't believe she'd ever be convicted.  Well duh, she left her palm print in blood on his wall, her hair in his shower and pictures of the crime happening on a camera she threw in the washing machine.  It was a slam dunk case. The weird thing is, as I'm reading this book, they are talking about all the testimony from her past.  Ex boyfriends and past jobs.  Why the hell does that matter to a murder case?  I have no idea.  I think the world was so fascinated by this case, that they wanted all the minutiae of her life exposed.  I'm almost to the actual murder part of the book.  It's pretty good so far, if you like this stuff.  Which I do!

Anywho, here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Chick Gavie Green, Literary Lacquers Lake of Shining Waters, Enchanted Polish Green Goblin and Elevation Polish Yushan.

I started with a full mani using Yushan.

The sun came out later for this.  Next I added tape and filled in the spaces.

Here it is with the tape removed.

I decided that space in the middle needed a little something something.  So I added dots with Gavie.  Here are the very cool  results.

Indoor Light


Indoor Light


Close Up

How freakin cool in this?????  I am totally in love with this!  I am pretty damn proud of this one! So glad the sun came out to show this off.

What kind of books do you like to read?

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?