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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Something Inspired

I told you all about the week from hell I just had.  I realized two things, one I needed to do a mani just for me and two, that I hadn't worn my beloved brown in forever.  I also spotted something new on Instagram and decided to do my own spin on it.

I will be overhauling my labels starting way back almost three years ago and relabeling them to help people better navigate my blog.  I realize that having 300 posts labeled blue is not helping you find what you are looking for.  Since I don't title my posts in an easy to figure out way, I have decided it needs some work.

I emailed the awesomesauce that is Sammy at The Nailasaurus because I like how she has her labels on her side bar.  I am not a computer programmer and was frustrating the hell out of her because I just didn't get what she was trying to tell me to do.  Well Sammy, if you happen to be reading this, I finally got it! It took me a few days of pondering, but I just now realized how stupidly simple the task is once I've relabeled everything correctly.  Man I hate feeling stupid!  You will see my new updated side bar once I get all the labels done.  In the meantime, did you know that if you click on the labels at the end of each post that it will send you to all those posts?  Yup, I had no idea either.  I thought the only way was through my label widget on my side bar.  Again, stupid.

Now on to the mani at hand.  This is totally inspired by the great Chelsea Queen and the post I saw on Work Play Polish recently. I figured it was something not too difficult and looks really cool.  Of course, hers is way better, but I like my spin on it!

Here is your silly bottle shot.

Not the best bottle shot ever.  This is Essie Blanc on top with Bettina 195, Suede, Truffle and Brown.

I started with a full mani using Suede.  No sun for today's shots.

Yes as I mentioned last post, I am back to the nubs.  I really broke them good this time!

Next I started with Brown, the darkest of the browns and dotted the perimeter. Here is that step.

Next I added more dots with Truffle. Here is that step.

I realized too late, that these colors were too close together.  Next time!  I then added dots of white and didn't like it, so I swirled the Essie Blanc with the Bettina 195 and dotted with the swirled mess.  Here are the results.

Close Up

I definitely can't freehand a bow like Chelsea did on hers, so I stopped here.  I almost added a dot to the middle, but left it as is.  I am loving this and hope you are as well!

Thank you to Work Play Polish and Chelsea Queen for being so awesome and inspirational!  I love your blogs!!!!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?