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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Half Moons

Growing up, we drove an hour to my gramma's house on a lot of Saturdays. Whenever we were there, Gramma always had half moon cookies from the bakery for us to eat.  To this day, I am still enamored with these cookies.  The problem is, I never see them around here where I live and sometimes the need is so great, I ask my parents to bring me some when they come to visit.

They are about 3 inches in diameter, made of a chocolate cake like base then frosted half with vanilla frosting, half with chocolate frosting.  I always ate the vanilla side first.  Man oh man are they good eats.

My nails continue to be a mess.  I do have some free edge finally, but bad peels and splitting at the tips.  I am actually contemplating getting gels put on my nails to help them grow out.  The strengtheners I'm using may be drying out my nails too much and if I'm honest with myself, I really haven't been oiling as I should be.  I have started doing research and emailed a couple of salon owners, as well as my guru Ana at Nail Care HQ. The problem is making sure you have someone that knows what they are doing so as to not make things worse.  I just want a clear layer so I can still do my nail art on top.  I haven't done it yet, but am seriously thinking I might try it.  Ana has said that if it's done right, it can be beneficial.  I'm not allowed to have acrylics due to work rules, and if I did do acrylics, I wouldn't have this blog because I would do the pink and white french and just call it a day.  So the work rule keeps this blog going!

Work is still being stupid.  The next issue is really causing me concern.  It's a complicated story but I'll try to make it simple.  Have you ever been scoped? Meaning a colonoscopy or endoscopy where they put the scope with a camera down your throat to look to see if you have stomach problems?  Well there are similar scopes for the head and neck cancer clinic I do.  They go in the nose to look. They are VERY expensive. I'm talking like $4000 a piece maybe?  We just got three brand new ones in with the renovation they are doing that I've told you about.

These scopes have to be cleaned between patients.  Me and the other nurse do this. It has to be soaked in this serious chemical called Cidex for 20 minutes.  Well the stupid hospital has decided that these scopes from all the clinics have to go to a central cleaning area.  So we have to figure out how many of these very expensive and fragile scopes we need per clinic.  They are estimating a two hour turn around. This is not going to happen.  I know this, they are oblivious to this.

Picture people who don't give a rat's ass coming to pick up these scopes, taking their sweet time getting to the cleaning area, not giving a crap how careful they are with it.  Then moseying back to bring me the cleaned scope.  Two hours?  HAH! So not gonna happen.  Plus the scopes will be damaged and the initial cost to get at least 8-10 scopes for all the clinics is crazy talk.  I have a hard enough time with the people who bring me my sterile instruments.  And they are metal and can't be broken.

It's just a scary thought, but I'm told going to happen as they've already built out the area to do this in.  Oh what a mess they will be creating with this.

Wow that was quite the ramble eh?  Today's mani uses those hole reinforcements again.  I was going to do a ruffian but I'm told it's more a half moon.  I'll let you decide.

Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Essie She's Picture Perfect, Rescue Beauty Lounge Purple Haze and Essence Plum Berry.

My camera will be showing this as blue.  I started with skittles.

Indoor Sun

Ott Lite

Indoor Sun

Ott Lite
I tried a different polishing technique here.  I normally have my nail facing away from me polishing from the cuticle down.  I tried holding my nails like in this pose above and polishing with my hand in the air.  It was weird and I need more practice but it made for less clean up.  I had seen the tutorial on the online magazine Nails HQ that Ana has started recently.  I can't find it to link here.

I next placed a hole reinforcement and polished all but one nail with the darkest purple.  Here is that step.

Next I added heart studs and called it a day.  Here are the results.

Close Up

This is pretty cool I think.  The bummer is these heart studs aren't curved to match the nail so they catch on everything.  Two came off at work.

Oh and I'm looking for someone who knows how to help me upgrade my labels section on my blog.  I have emailed several blog designers but they haven't responded.  Any one out there know someone who can help me?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?