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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Chocolate Fudge with Sprinkles

Before we get down to business, I want to let you know that I am hard core sick with a cold and my voice is almost gone.  I may not get the normal posting done for this week. Just an FYI!

I have no other niece nails-because while I was in New York, the day after Christmas we got a foot of snow and lost power.  So we had to pack up and drive an hour to my parents' other house that had power.  Now the issue with that was, that driveway was not plowed.  So we rammed our cars in-the van made it-my car got stuck in the snow. The next day, Dad and I ran the push behind snowblower to clear the driveway and get my car unstuck.

The drive home Saturday was the scariest ever.  It was blizzarding again and the highway was not plowed and we were driving 40mph and still sliding all over the roads. Whiteout conditions were in effect and it was scary.  I was white knuckled the whole time.  I almost turned back to my parents but I kept telling myself it would get better. But it never did and then it was just too far to turn around.  My car is a white salt covered mess.  I had to run through the car wash just so I could see out the windows. Here is a picture of what it looked like while driving.

Notice the speedometer-this was on a major highway called I-81 in New York where I normally drive 77mph.  This does not show the whiteout conditions but I was not about to attempt another picture.  I risked it all for you my people!  HEHEHE!

I eventually made it home, sick with a cold and went to bed.  I decided that after this ordeal, my cold and the New Year I would wear my favorite color to make me feel better.

Here is Checkers showing you the silly bottle shot for today.

Isn't she the cutest thing ever?  She's 10 and my baby.  I've had her since she was 7 weeks old and fit in the palm of my hand.  Anywho, this is Elevation Polish BB2 and BB5.  I am not sure if she is making these for sale, or just brown happiness for she and I to enjoy.

I started with BB2 and an accent of BB5.  BB2 is the perfect cafe au lait creme and BB5 is a deep dark chocolate fudge.  Here are the starting shots.



Ott Lite
BB2 has the feel of a squishy crelly.  I love brown as you all should know by now.  I next stamped with my new set of plates Gals plate GA35 and the opposite color.  Here is that step.


Ott Lite
Yes I did not do such a great job of lining this up-but it is a cool design.  These Gals plate designs are smaller than the Bundle Monster ones.  So if you have little nubs like me, these will work great.

I decided this needed a little sparkle, so I added a layer of Northern Lights holo top coat and my funky.  Here are the results.


Ott Lite


Ott Lite

Close Up

I personally love this.  It's a brown fest and I can't get enough of those!  Now you get my post title eh?

I had to move my plate collection into a larger 3 ring binder.  I thought while I was at it, I'd do a count.  Now I wish I hadn't!  I'm all sorts of embarrassed!  Are you ready to find out?

400 plates!!!!!!  That is insane seriously!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?