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Saturday, April 14, 2012

You look all Marigoldy today-

Last Friday at work, I decided I wanted to scream bright and loud.  So I wore my bright yellow skirt and a flaming orange shirt.  It was awesome.  People were commenting all day about how Spring-y I was.  One person in particular said "you look all Marigoldy today."  Hence the title of this post.  You know I have told you there is always a method to my madness.

I had gotten some new indie polish in and since I've been in a yellow and orange mood, I decided to replay my outfit in my nails.

First up, the silly bottle shot.

This is Hits Hefesto, The Nail Junkie Daffodil and Enchanted Polish Citric Acid Trip.

I started with Daffodil, which is meant to be a matte polish but I am a shiny person so I added a top coat.  This is a creamy banana yellow with hidden shimmer.  It truly is lovely.  I did an accent nail with Acid Trip.  This is a light burnt orange scattered holo. The holo just wasn't that evident in these pictures.  I was hoping for more of that holo-ness.  Here are your shots.




Please note the gorgeous blue sky in the sun shots.  It really is something to look at. Now I didn't want to mess with these colors too much because I was really digging them. I decided to stamp with the opposite color using Aline's new plate 04.  I added a layer of Hefesto for more holo-ness and topped it all off with my funky again in the opposite color.  Here are the awesome results.




Indoor sun



Close Up

I could not stop staring at that sky yesterday.  It was the most beautiful blue I've seen in a while!  What do you think of my Marigold nails?  Can you just picture my outfit to go along with this? For some reason, I have really been into yellow and orange.  I would love to do my hair yellow.  I just might this summer-my hairdresser and I are discussing how to do it and still have me keep my job!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?