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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More brown to love-

As most of you who actually read and pay attention to my blog knows, I am a sucker for a good brown polish.  I recently found a blog titled "I dig brown nail polish."  My curiosity peaked and I just had to see if I had finally found another who loves brown as much as I do.  Well, let me tell you-I got more than just another blogger who loves brown.  I found my new favorite indie brand of all time.

It was like this chic had crawled around inside my head and made the colors I would have. If I had the notion to make polish.  Which I don't!  She even makes her own base so she is not at the whims of suppliers for it.  I immediately emailed her and bought almost all the colors she made!  I even built a new bookcase just so it would have it's own shelf.  Now that's polish love right???

So for the time being, and at my own whim, I will be showcasing her polish because I can.  We will start with the silly bottle shot.

Damn, how cruel of me to turn the bottles so you can't see who this is yet!  HAHA!  I told you my sarcastic self was back.  Wait no longer people-this is Elevation Polish. Made by Lulu who mountain climbs and gets her inspiration from the colors around her and our shared love of moody dark polish and especially brown.

This is Maroon Bells, Froze to Death and Everest.  I started with Maroon Bells and an accent of Everest.  Here are those shots.




And look my blue sky is back for these pictures!  I am so in love with Maroon Bells that I can't find the words.  It is a perfect reddish brown shimmer and Everest is a scattered light brown holo.  I had different ideas of what to do next, but I spent so much time getting my hair dyed a new fabulous red that I just took another of her polish and topped it off with that.  Froze to Death is a white multi shape glitter with holo shimmer in it and I am loving this!  Here are your results.



Indoor Sun


Indoor Sun

Close Up

I am totally in love with these colors.  As you know, I can't get enough brown in my life. I will be showing you much more from this brand.  Go check out her other polish.  Her shop restocks with new colors the 7th of every month.  Some colors returning, some not.

What do you guys think of this? Are you in love too?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?