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Friday, December 30, 2011

Awards Day

In the past few weeks, I have received three different awards.  Since I hate following rules, I thought I'd combine all three and make up my own questions.

The first one I got was from Polish and Charms. This is a new one called the Nail Polish Tag.

The next one I got was the Top Ten Award from Nails Like Lace, Rainbowify Me and Polished and Not Quite Put Together.

Lastly, I got the Versatile Blogger Award from Red Hair and Black Nail polish.

All of these come with rules about answer these questions etc.  I decided like my last awards post here to make up my own trivial questions.

Here are another eight random things about myself. The other list if you care is linked above.

1) I am a classically trained pianist.  Growing up, I wanted to be Liberace.  I went to college the first time as a Harpsichord major.  If I could have made a living at that, I would have.

2) I failed out of said college with a 0.92 GPA.  I am so damn proud of that GPA.  It takes a lot to get that low a grade point average.  I got all A's in my music classes and F's in all the rest.  How dare they have a math final on my birthday! (Sorry Mom and Dad!) I made up for that by having a 4.0 in nursing school!

3) I got that GPA being a little sister in a fraternity-Lambda Chi Alpha-I am NOT sorority material

4) I have lived in five different states.  NY, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and Virginia

5) The St Louis Arch is my Talisman.   When I lived there, I used to just sit on the steps under it and be at peace.

6) My Dad was a milkman in his career-so I really AM the milkman's daughter.

7) All my cabinets and closets have baby locks on them.  My cats learned how to open them.

8) I love to drive.  My Dad said I should have been either a race car driver or a truck driver.  I drive an hour to work and back every day, always at least 8 mph above the speed limit.  9mph above is a 4 point ticket, 8 is only a 2 point ticket.  20+ is a reckless driving ticket-6 points. How do I know this?? I have gotten quite a few in my day.  Now I set the cruise 8mph above and the Man leaves me alone. Plus while I'm driving, I am chair dancing, playing the drums and scream singing.  I wonder why people look at me funny?!?

So there you have it.  More trivial crap about me than you probably never cared to know!  Please go and check out the blogs I linked above.  They are all really great!  Thank you again to those that gave me these awards.