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Thursday, December 8, 2011

One of these is not like the other-

Recently, I did a swap with a Brazilian blogger Tata-Nadaver.  She wanted OPI glitters and I wanted to try the HITS No Olimpo holos I have seen around the blogs.  I also will be trying Cult Nails polish for the first time today as well.  Let's see what happens shall we?

You guys know just how much I love brown right?  If you don't, has your head been buried in the sand? Anyway, today we have two different browns and one of them is not like the other. (Is that song in your head now?)  And one of them is really not making me happy.  This is a first for me to not like a brown polish.

First up we have the required silly bottle shot.

This is Nails Inc George Yard, Cult Nails Power Thief and HITS Hermes.  I must say I am so excited to have these HITS holos!! Nothing makes me happier than holos!  Well, I could think of a couple things but then this blog would be X rated!!  Mind drifts off........

OK I'm back!  Sorry, I digress once again.  It happens. I started off with Power Thief which is new to the collection and to me.  This looks like milk chocolate with multi colored shimmer in the bottle.  It does not translate to the nail.  On the nail, it's kind of a let down.  Plus the formula sucks on this.  Thin, runny and a pain to apply.  Is it just me or is this how the formula always is?  On the accent nail, I did Hermes for contrast. This is a light brown holo and dazzling in the sun.

Are you ready for the pictures?  Here they are.




Doesn't the Power Thief look kind of blah to you? It does to me.  It is so much prettier in the bottle.  But Hermes is a stunner! Look at those rainbows! OMG! I need to do a whole mani with this one!

As you know, I just can't leave this alone.  So I grabbed my XL plate B and stamped away with Nails Inc because I knew that Hermes wouldn't be seen. And voila, you have another subtle mani that you can hardly see! WTF!





Close up

I apologize once again for not picking good colors that can be better seen! This actually is stunning in person. So go ahead, tell me how much you hate this. I deserve it!! HAHA!

Seriously though, I want to thank Tata for swapping these with me-go check out her blog!  Plus, I am not giving up on Cult Nails yet-I have more to try!

Any thoughts out there?