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Saturday, December 10, 2011

I did this for you-

Hang on for your life today my friends.  Today's post will shock you and your beliefs to the core.  First I want to say that I am so glad to have each one of you here reading my silly thoughts. To show my dedication-I decided to do something I said I'd NEVER do.  What is that?  If you regularly read my blog, you may have a guess.

It all started with the blog "Nails Like Lace".  She always picks on me in my comments.  So I thought I'd single her out and pick on her back!  Actually, I like that I have several commenters who pick on me and I pick right back.  It's what I do.

So what does she want to see on my blog??? PINK! So for you, my dear and all of you out there just waiting for me to wear pink.  Today is the one and ONLY day you will see it.  I cringe just looking at my nails-I think I'm going blind from the cuteness!!

So here we go-the silly bottle shot.

This is Bettina Bordeaux and Bettina Preppy.  And no I don't feel Preppy wearing this!!! Bordeaux is just that.  The color of a nice deep berry wine creme.  It is stunning.  I really love this color.  So vampy and sexy. Here are your sun and shade shots.




Isn't is pretty? And so shiny you can see me in the polish!!  So now comes what you've all been waiting for.  I really hope that you guys realize what kind of dedication it takes for me to wear pink for you.  What-did you think I would wear a full pink mani??? Surely you jest!! Haven't you read my profile line-pink makes me puke??? Please people, I can only do so much for you!

I got new sets of stamping plates.  Today I am using Red Angel RA 114 and Shany SH117.  I also used special white polish and the stupid stuff smeared a little-please look past that!!  Are you ready????  Here it is!






Close up

So what do you think of my double stamping?? I chose the hearts to send to each and every one of you out there who ever read my blog.  I really appreciate you all.  You are the reason I keep doing this!

Now-who fainted when they saw me wearing pink? Believe me, I am not going soft and girly on you!  I am still the same Fingers!  Go give Nails Like Lace some love and thank her for making me wear pink!

Now let me go take this crap off!