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Thursday, June 2, 2011

My all time favorite and go to color

I was really enjoying my burnt orange mani and almost didn't change my polish today. It was so hard to take that color off. But I didn't want to disappoint my fans. I felt like I needed my go to polish to keep me from being too sad. My life has been rough the past few days. My boss announced that I will have to move my office from a nice room with a fridge, microwave and personal bathroom to a small cramped cubicle farm,"for the greater good." The heatwave continues-96 today, my cat is puking hairballs, Google/Blogger friend connect isn't working. Like Stephanie on her "Short 'n Chic" blog said yesterday, "I want my mommy!" My mom is in NY so I can't just drive there from my house in Virginia, but I did call her and bitch. I know things could be much worse, it's that the heat makes me cranky and it's just the start of summer!
My all time favorite-go to color right now is Chanel Khaki Brun. As you guys know, brown and green are my favorite colors. This Khaki Brun is a sweet combo of them both. It is a sort of browned out olive green creme. The Chanel polishes are so expensive that I don't own that many. This color has been used so often that I feel the price was so worth it. The polish formula itself is perfect. Self leveling, great opacity and just the right consistency. I do wish the brush were a little bigger, but it doesn't totally mess up my mani.

Sunshine shot

This color is the one I reach for over and over. It is so beautiful and I just love it. It's going to take a polish miracle to have a different color take Khaki Brun's place in my heart. Although that Nubar green holo Reclaim was freakin' awesome. So tell me guys, what are your favorite go to colors?
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