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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Chanel Khaki Brun Holo'd

Holy sh*t people!!!! While I was writing the last post, my stats were 44 hits away from 500,000 all time hits since starting this blog.  I just checked it again and it's official.  I've hit 500,000! Only took me five years! Ever since I posted that Nexgen post and my EZ Dip gel post, I'm getting way more hits than I used to.  Those posts have really been bringing people here. Not sure if they are staying, but at least they are coming here.

That NexGen post alone has gotten 46,363 hits since it posted.  August 2016 got 19,000 hits alone. It's insane.  I know other blogs that have gotten to these numbers much faster, but it's a cool milestone and I am proud of it.

My next post is another EZ Dip gel how to and I've figured out the quintessential mistake I've been making so stay tuned for that.

I went outside earlier to feed the hummingbirds and was cleaning up old spider webs-now you know that I love spider webs and don't usually take them down until winter.  If I see a spider in the web, I let them be. Now if they come in the house, then they have to go.  I don't play that.  But I think spider webs are beautiful.

My point is, I was out there and what did I see but a wasp nest.  Now I have a HUGE fear of wasps stemming from my childhood.  Back when we would visit one of my gramma's, we would be put down for naps in the upstairs room and above our heads, wasps just flew around.  It was scary as hell. I've never been stung and don't have a desire to ever know what that feels like!

So I got out my Raid wasp killer spray and went to town. Oh but before that, I thought it was empty so I hit it with my broom.  Now that was stupid. One wasp came out amidst wild buzzing.  The one wasp flew off as I sprayed the nest and four more came out! I was freaking out big time.  This is why you need a man around. For killing scary bugs. Damn woods I live in!

Yesterday I was watching the Food Network as I do and saw my old haunt St Louis neighborhood The Hill on it with toasted ravioli. This was invented in St Louis and I love them.  I went on the internet as I was going to order myself some until I saw the shipping price.  $67! For a five pound order of ravioli.  Since they are made fresh, they ship next day air. Oh hell no.

But I was so jonesing for toasted ravioli that I remembered the local Italian restaurant here has them. You bet I called them up and got me some.  I have more for today.  It was the best ever.  You know when you're so craving something and then you get it?  Just makes it that much better.

This day I wanted to wear a polish just for me.  This I have a backup bottle of.  I give you Chanel Khaki Brun with a light layer of Chaos and Crocodiles My Favorite Color Is Unicorn.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Now I'm perfectly aware this isn't for everyone, but I totally love this color.  What's your favorite polish?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?  Here's to another 500,000 hits!