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Monday, September 26, 2016

Classic French

This post will be of the mani I wore for my Canadian fishing trip.  Out of all my holo love, I will always love a good classic french the best.

Now let's see. I've been back to work and it's been insane.  While I was on vacation, three nurses quit and a couple of clerks.  It boggles the mind.  Here's what I know about the nurses. They are in in the same cancer group.  Like I do lung cancer-they had their own cancer.

Each one of these nurses worked with only ONE doctor.  Me, I have eight or so.  I would kill to just have one.  So these nurses met with the boss as they have been adding new doctors left and right and asked each one to pick up one other doctor so they'd each have two.

Still way less than me.

What did they do?  They all up and quit. Refusing to take on another doctor.  The even more sh*tty thing is that one of these nurses was originally hired to draw blood only.  She had to have surgery and could no longer do the job she was hired for.  Instead of letting her go, the boss had her move into this clinic so she'd have a job.

And now she just flipped off the boss as she quit and walked out the door with her nose in the air.

I just think that is so sh*tty.

One of the clerks quit because of my back hurts.  Yup.  A direct cause and effect. This clerk was to work with my back hurts and she was so belittling to this clerk and sending nasty emails and leaving post its every where that this clerk up and quit.

This clerk came from food services.  She had NO medical background and couldn't possibly know what the hell my back hurts was talking about.  She should have been a bit more understanding with the learning curve. Where is this clerk going back to?  Food services.

Yup.  Way to go my back hurts.  Who is still doing part time as her back still hurts. It's getting f*cking old.  Oh and I got another post it from her. This time it was to help her send messages in the computer. Instead of just saying hey when you get a chance, come help me a minute.

Nope she scribbles it out on BOTH sides of a post it what it is she needs.  Makes me shake my head and go why?

Now let's look at my version of a classic french.  This was after my revelation on doing my gel dip nails.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Isn't this gorgeous??????? Lasted the twelve days of my vacation. Through worm guts and all.  This is Essie Nude Beach (my favorite french base) with some Pure Pearlfection on top.  Then OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls for the tips.  I simply love this look.

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?