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Monday, September 19, 2016

Bettina Sunkissed, Elevation Polish Haba Xueshan

Why can't I just win the damn lottery already? Maybe if I checked the two tickets I bought, I just might be a rich person right now and not ever have to go to work again.

Just too much effort to do right now.  I'll check tomorrow.

So yeah, I went back to work.  Hated every minute of it.  The hard part was the getting up at 0500 again.  I'm still on vacation time.  When I got to work, it was at least nice that people missed me and were glad that I was back as things just don't run as smoothly when I'm not there.

Update time.  My back hurts is back from Hawaii still with her back hurting, still on part time. WTF people? I'm so over it.  The thing that made me mad was on Friday I came back from running a work errand to a post it on my desk from my back hurts telling me to print out her sh*t for her to have for next week.

Oh hell no she didn't.

I'm just back from vacation, far from caught up on my own sh*t and you're asking me to do yours cause you're still whining about your back? Nope not happening sister.  I walked over to her desk, handed her back her post it and said that I didn't even have my stuff done for my Monday conference and I don't have time to print her stuff.  I did tell her that I would show her how to do it as we did get a new computer program.

Think she took that gracefully?

Oh hell no she didn't.

She started b*tching about how stupid all this new stuff is and how she doesn't have time etc.  If I wasn't about to clock out I would have replied with some snarky sh*t but I just didn't feel like even wasting my time.  I set up her computer and showed her how to print and walked away.

Oh and the other new thing? My back hurts has a new coworker helping her do her job.  I will need to come up with a name for the new one.  This one disappears for hours at a time as my back hurts isn't there full time, so the new one figures, I'll just go hide somewhere and get paid.

It'll get interesting if and when my back hurts ever comes back to full time.

One of these days I'm going to explain to you just why whining about her back hurting makes me so angry.

Now today we have a glitter! You may remember I have a thing for black and white glitter.  I own five different ones.  This one happens to have random blue in it.

First up though is Bettina Sunkissed.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun

I was in the mood for a bright yellow happy nail.  Still love me some Bettina! Next I added Elevation Polish Haba Xueshan.  Nope not going to throw this out just because the owner has so much drama surrounding her.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Isn't this awesome??? It does have holo sparkles in it, just couldn't capture it here.  If you look closely, you will see heart glitter! And yes every time I wear glitter I swear when it comes to taking it off that it will be the last time I wear glitter!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?