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Friday, September 23, 2016

EZ Dip Gel #4

Today I promised you the one mistake I've been making that will change how your gel dip nails look and feel. I'm just so glad I figured this out.

Totally random story first.

This is a story I read a while back in the newspaper.  Some state out west now has assisted suicide so this forty something who had terminal Multiple Sclerosis or something like it threw a "going away" party.  She had all her friends over, food drinks etc. At this point in time, she couldn't move due to her illness so she was lying propped up on a bed facing the mountains so people could come up to her to say their goodbyes.

The only rule was no crying in front of her.

So at the end of this party, she was given a fatal dose of let's say morphine as I don't remember exactly and while she fell asleep forever, she watched the sunset on the mountains. It took four hours I believe.  Not sure why it took that long, unless she asked for that.

While I was in Canada with mom and we were kayaking, I brought this up and we talked about whether this would be something we'd want for ourselves and I can tell you for me, I'm all for it. If you have an illness that isn't going to get better and you've had enough, I think it's a nice thing to give your friends and family that time to say goodbye instead of the selfish thing that is traditional suicide people do now.

Remember, I've had two friends commit suicide who weren't sick so I'm talking from experience.

Since losing my dad, I've thought about this much more.  I would rather pick when it's my time than have pain or whatever that ultimately ends your life at some random time and there may not be that time for people to say good bye.  I still wish I had known so I could have had more time with my dad.

For me, I'd want to pick my time to go.  What about you?

Yeah maudlin I know.  But it's where my mind is right now.

Now when I first showed you my initial attempt at gel dip nails, it was not pretty.  It was thick, lumpy and bumpy.  Shall we revisit?

1st attempt
I have since done my nails four more times. The steps are to lightly buff your natural nails, use the structure liquid then dip your nail and tap off the excess.  What I was doing next was just doing another layer of dipping. This is what made things so thick and lumpy.  What I figured out, is you need to take a brush (I use a huge powder makeup brush) and lightly brush off the excess powder on your nail that isn't stuck by the structure liquid.

This was LIFE CHANGING for my process and in the way my nails looked after.  I do not know why I wasn't doing this brushing between dips.  It is in very small print in the directions sort of as an after thought.  People, I'm telling you do not skip this step!

This is the set I did before I went on vacation using this new found step.

I know it's hard to tell here, but my cuticles aren't flooded with gel that was causing that weird dent when I polished my nails.  It's also much much thinner than my previous attempts.  I have been doing three dips where as before I only did two dips cause it was so thick.  Look how thin this is.

That's what makes this so awesome.  Now it just looks like your nails only stronger.  I haven't broken a nail yet and they are long for me and I'm a mad man with my hands and nails. Also you can see no lumpy bumpy nails here.  Just the shape of my natural nails.

Get a makeup powder brush and do one hand, do the other hand and before dipping the next layer then brush off the excess powder.  You don't want to do it the second you dip your nail.  You need to wait a bit.  I do both hands left hand first, then when I finish dipping the right hand, I gently and lightly brush off the excess powder then do the next dip layer.

It's made a world of difference!  I pass this on to you.  Don't do what I did previously!

Hope this helps!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?