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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Too Fancy Lacquer Call Me Queen Bee, Enchanted Polish August 2014

Have been indulging in my Halloween ritual.  Watching non stop horror movies.  I love horror movies.  I've watched Halloween 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and the Resurrection one.  The third one is stupid. Those addicted like me will agree that the stupid pumpkin masks to blow up all the children on Halloween is NOT a Michael Myers movie and should be banned.

I always like to see the interesting way people get killed in these horror movies.  The two best ones I think are Halloween 2 when he drains the nurse's blood out thru a reverse IV and the other was from this foreign (I think Thai) movie where a plate of glass fell from the sky slicing dude in half from head to toe.  The two halves fell to the side.  It was awesome.  

Yes I have told you my mind is a strange place.  If any of you know that movie title PLEASE let me know. I'd love to see it again!

I also just watched The Last House on the Left.  A classic as well.  I've always wanted my ring tone to be the Halloween theme and I finally paid the damn $1.29 to own the ringtone.  So now I can flip between Halloween and my normal Monty Python "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life."  

This past Friday my county made the news in more than one way.  I'm thinking my county was feeling left out in it's ruralness and felt like making a splash on the scene.  First some dude was shot while driving, crashed his car about six miles from my house on the highway I use to get to work.  I don't watch the news in the morning, I read the newspaper.

Yeah, I'm one of those.

So I have no idea what's going on in traffic.  I do what I normally do and get on the highway only to see it's a damn parking lot.  I'm thinking now what.  I also was thinking it would be nice if my neighbor would have texted me as she left before me to warn me.  You know those areas on highways meant only for the Man to hang out that cuts between the north and south lanes? 

Can you guess where I'm going here?

Yup, I took the illegal emergency only lane and cut between and turned around. I then got on the rural road which you can safely only go about 64 mph instead of the 80mph on the highway.  So of course I was late. Then on the way home from work, I noticed the rural route was backed up for miles with all the highway traffic. Seems they shut down the highway for two hours for accident reconstruction.  The highway had an eight mile backup.  

Eight miles!!!!

So they made all that traffic get off on a two lane road. Not pretty. I was just glad I was going the opposite direction.  I get home and my texts start dinging.  It seems the local school bus had tipped over in an accident about five miles from my house.  It was on the front page of the paper.  

My little county made the news twice in one day.  Such a proud mama.  


Anywho, let's look at two fabulous polish for today.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Such a gorgeous mustard holo.  I love this Too Fancy Lacquer Call Me Queen Bee!!!!  

Now here is Enchanted Polish August 2014.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This has a gorgeous duochrome that I failed to capture, but it's there IRL.  

Hope you had a good Halloween!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?