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Friday, November 27, 2015

A Blues Eye Look and a Selfie

If I'm doing my math correctly, today's post is number 800! Holy crap that's a lot of words and pictures and stories.  Plus it's posting on Thanksgiving Day! Since I'm home alone with five days off in a row, those of you like me can read my blog and not feel as alone.

Sound good or just sad and pathetic?

I can hear my fishtank's motor from the next room.  It is driving me bananas.  I just need to replace the impeller if I have one.  It's this little tiny thing with a plastic fan on one end and a magnet that makes the filtration system work.  And it costs like $20!! So I don't like to replace them until absolutely necessary.

I have cathedral ceilings in my house so the noise amplifies.  So far, I've just been smacking it to get it to stop making the noise.  I may wait til morning as I'm feeling too lazy now to mess with it.

I've ordered two more Ofra liquid lipsticks and seven more makeup geek eyeshadows.  Why seven? My Z palette holds 27 and I had 20.  Trust that I will need more in the future, but this time I focused on the lighter brighter colors as I so loved that yellow look from last post.

Oh and I am two payments away from totally owning my car.  I'm actually thinking about trading it in for a new car.  There are pros and cons to both sides.  Cons being another car payment, pros being getting more for your trade in as you haven't driven it into the ground and having a new car instead of a four year old car.

Driving home the other day I got yet another damn glass spider ding in my windshield.  I now have three of them.  Luckily they are all on the passenger side.

Work wise, the sh*t is still the same.  Someone told me they had nicknamed Annoying Scarecrow as she is so skinny.  We've been over this before.  I am skinny, this chick is gaunt.  It's really scary.

There is talk of a standard of pay scale raise for the nurses.  I don't ask I don't assume and I don't expect.  This keeps me from getting disappointed.  Well one of my coworkers emailed the boss asking how much she was to get.  Well in a nutshell she ain't getting any because she's in a different pay scale due to her job title.  Even though I'm doing the same job, I didn't get the title. So right now, if I get this raise, it's working in my favor. She's been making more money for years doing nothing because she got the title.

I feel no sympathy.  You shouldn't get a raise if you are already making more than the standard nurse. That's why it's a standard nurse raise.  Not a titled nurse raise. It's complicated and she's done nothing but whine and sigh over and over about how unfair it is and how she's doing the job of three people.

I'd like to know what three people she's talking about as Stupid didn't do a damn thing and the lady who retired took a whole shift to do one thing.

It boggles the mind I tell you.

Oh and as far as the flu shot goes? As you read this, I will have succumbed to pressure and gotten it before the 11/30/15 deadline.  Since I am off for five days thru Thanksgiving, I didn't want to take the chance to be sick on that Monday and not be able to get the shot.

It ain't worth losing my job over.

Now let's get to it.  Damn this is a long post!

This is a look with makeup geek Dragonfly which is a light teally blue green and a bunch of other blues.  Sort of matches the damn wall doesn't it???

I do not like this straight on photo-but it gives you a better view of the look.  This is Ofra Pasadena liquid lipstick.

Here are the close ups.

Again, this had Dragonfly, Time Travel and Ardell Wispies for the lashes.  I really thought this was a pretty look.

I hope you are enjoying these.  Please have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?