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Friday, November 13, 2015

A Neutral Eye and a Colorful Eye

I've decided that I'm going to show you pictures of my eye looks that I've worn to work.  Why let those go to waste when I could snap a picture and show you!

The other day I had this stunning purple fest going on and I wish I had taken a picture.  One of my older patients commented on how much she liked my purple eyes.

Nothing exciting going on at work.  Same sh*t different day.

We still sit around and wonder what Annoying does with herself all day long.  She ain't in the office and she ain't in the clinic so we really don't know what it is she's doing.  I just can't stand to listen to her voice.  It's just one of those voices that make you cringe.

Remember how I told you she wouldn't let me vacuum under her desk? So far this has happened twice.  So one day I was the only one in the office and I had stupidly spilled noodle salad on the floor so after I picked it out of the rug, I got out the vacuum and went to town.  While Annoying was out, I did under her desk.  I don't think I put her chair back just right and she may have wondered why her chair was askew, but I never told her anything.

Yes so freakin childish and stupid but you got to get your kicks somehow right?

These are the looks I wore Thursday and Friday of last week.

I am loving that top one.  It's so colorful! I just kept adding different colors and a pop of blue in the waterline.

The second one I was in the mood for neutral but this time I did a pop of orange in my waterline.  It's just eyeshadow.  You don't have to have fancy eye liner pencils to do these pops of color.

How cool are these?  I plan on taking pictures of each day's look unless it's just a hot mess and not worth showing to you.

Would you like that?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?