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Monday, November 9, 2015

My Gradient Fall eye closeup with product list

Ok people.  This is my fourth post written in a row.

I'm getting weird.

I have a dental appointment on Wednesday.  By the time you read this, it will already have happened. I hate the dentist.  Which I have told you all before.  This time though, I've just completed a three week Crest white strips treatment on my teeth.  Yes they are whiter, but they are the blinding Chicklet teeth you see on the YouTubers.

I so want Chicklet teeth!

But I may be too old and have done too many things to my teeth that this is the whitest they can get. Am told however, that you can get stronger strips from the dentist.  I can't afford the serious whitening treatments the YouTubers get which is like $500 a session and they make these trays that fit your teeth and you sit there with stuff in the trays on your teeth etc.

Yeah not happening any time soon.  The strips weren't bad.  But three weeks was a long time.

Another tangent coming.  So I get this comment on my blog the other day.  Saying things like how dare you gossip on the internet, that I'm childish and that I'm a bully, that I should respect others and get off my high horse and act like a civilized person.


My first reply to this person was "because it's my blog and I can do what I want.  Please take your crap elsewhere."

But then I really got mad.

My next reply was "PS how dare you come to my blog read one post out of 800 and get on your high horse and claim to know a damn thing about me? My blog has been here for 4.5 years yet you read one post and think you know it all. To me and the rest of the world, you are the problem."

This is verbatim.  I left it on the post-I won't tell you guys which one. This sh*t pisses me off.  This is why the world is going to sh*t. People like that sitting behind their computer thinking they are righteous as f*ck telling me how I ought to be.  What I will tell you honey if you happen to read this is that I know where you live as I have friends who are computer whizzes and with just the email address you left, I know where you are.

Just saying.

Isn't that a scary thought though? You leave a comment on someone's blog be it mean or nice and from just that email address you leave, there are people who can trace your IP address and get your address.

Think about that people!

Today's post I will be showing you close ups of my eye look from what I'm calling my Fall eye.  Yes I did a similar one before, but this one is better and more metallic and shiny.  I quite like it a lot.

Here it is.

I didn't do eyes totally closed like I have before simply because you could see the lash band and the huge gap I didn't get glued to my lid! HAHAH!  You can see the gradient from yellow to orange to a rusty reddish brown. Literally eight eye shadows went into this look.

Here is the list of all the products I used on my full makeup face.  Be prepared it's a long one.

Becca Backlight Primer
Make Up Forever Ultra HD foundation
Urban Decay Naked Concealer
MAC Prep & Prime Light Boost
Laura Mercier Setting powder
IT Cosmetics Contour Kit
MAC Give Me Sun bronzer
Becca Champagne Pop
MAC Pinch O'Peach blush
MAC Ochre Paint Pot
Morphe 35O palette
Makeup Geek Foiled eyeshadow  Flame Thrower, Untamed, Fortune Teller
Tarina Puppeteer eyeliner
Ardell lashes Wispies
House of Lashes glue
Revlon random mascara
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow powder Auburn
MAC Cream Kiss lip liner
OFRA Miami Fever liquid Lipstick
Urban Decay setting spray

SIGMA: E40, E25, E30, E57, E46, E56, E15, E17, F80, F86, F35
Zoeva: Z109, Z105, Z127, Z322, Z231

Told you it was a lot!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?