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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Chaos and Crocodiles Security Breach, The Devil Wears Polish Inky

Before we get started-have I mentioned my nails have literally been naked for a whole week? Yes people. A whole week.  That's why I've had nothing to post to show you! Am trying to get back on the wagon!

I spent literally two hours doing a full face of makeup yesterday.  You will see some of it the next two posts. Yup I'm about to reveal another selfie.  Not that I take a good picture or anything.  It kills me that I take 150 photos and can't come up with a decent one.  I don't know how the Instagrammers do theirs.  And when you ask them, no one's talking.  Seems it's a big secret and no one wants to help you out.

I know I'm not a makeup artist just like I know I'm not a photographer.  I've tried portrait, macro, non flash, flash etc with my camera and still am clueless.  I need a remote control as I can't get more than arm's length away from the camera as I need to hit the button!  Perhaps I will look into that.

Oh I think I've also figured out yet another tip for putting on false lashes.  Make sure they fit well before trying to put them on.  I know this from watching YouTube vids but never felt I needed to cut mine.  I thought my eyes were fine and didn't want to cut my lashes.

Well people, let me just say I was wrong! Especially with the Ardell Wispies that I love.  I notice that since I didn't cut some off, that the lash actually creates the illusion that the outside edge of my eye is being dragged down by too much lash.

Does that make sense?

Like it's weighing down my eye and creating a weird look.  Plus when the lash is actually the right size it goes on much easier and you don't have that section bugging your inner eye and the outer eye drag down.  I'm still in the midst of figuring out the right size for me.  I think I took too much off on one side.  Oh and I finally tried to put on my "expensive" ones from House of Lashes called Iconic that all the Instagrammers love and they are so freakin full and long that I was like no way can I wear these to work.

But then again, I didn't trim them like I know now is a good thing.

I will revisit that later.

After my two hour face, I had a butt ton of dirty makeup brushes so I was a good girl and washed all my brushes from this session and the week before.  I need to buy some Ivory soap.  The soap I've been using is too sudsy and clingy and even after I've rinsed, there is still soap deep in the bristles.

Plus I've no idea how you're not going to get the handle wet when washing your brushes.  How is that even possible? If anyone out there knows-clue me in please!!!!

OK.  Here is CC Security Breach.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Now this is the kind of in your face strong holo that I just love.  This is what I live for in nail polish!!!!

Here is The Devil Wears Polish Inky.  I'm told she closed up shop-


This is a deep dark blackened blue.  Goes on sheer in the first layer, but the second layer does this. Isn't it pretty?

Stay tuned for my face next post!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?