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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Essie Nude Beach, Classic French

This mani was inspired by two things.  One, that I had very little time to mess with it and two, that I just had my nails freshly done and I didn't want to cover them up too much.

I got my case for my iphone 6plus-I'm just still waiting for my new iphone 6plus! HAHA! It's got to be here by Thanksgiving so mom can take my phone over.  I'm just getting anxious.  It's been two and a half weeks since I ordered it.  Hurry up!

I have so many new polish to show you and not enough nails! I have the rest of the Barielle set, of which I need to show you four, I have six Devil Wears Polish brown holos, I have three Enchanted Polish, one Anonymous Lacquer and a couple of Colors by Llarowe.  Damn I need to get cracking!

I've been good and haven't ordered any new in a while.

I almost ordered the set from Pipe Dream polish and her neons, but I decided it can wait.  She has said she will keep restocking them so it's not like they are going away.  I was going to get the Essie Fall set, but nope.  I didn't get any CbL Halloween LE colors-but may need some of her Fall ones.

Well it seems that Fate may be intervening in my no buy.  It seems that the restock for the neons did not go as planned and has been reset for Sunday night. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.  What to do?

All right, on to what I have to say is a gorgeous mani.

I didn't even do a bottle shot as GASP I only used one color.  That being Essie Nude Beach.  I ordered up a fresh new bottle since my old one was from 2004.  Here is this stunning color.

Indoor Sun
Indoor Sun
Gotta love a color that is an easy clean up! As I can't use acetone, cleanup for me takes twice as long! These are my new nails-I went more square this time, and a tad longer. I love them! Plus this Essie is a stunningly beautiful polish.  One I always wore with my classic frenches before I found dark and vampy! It has the most beautiful tiny shimmer in it. Blues and greens and pinks.

I stamped using plate Big SDP-L and did my funky.  Here are the awesome results.


The stupid sun went away for this part! I so love this mani and couldn't stop staring. People at work asked me if I was going to a wedding.  Why is this only ok for a wedding?????

People were also freaked out on Instagram as this is so different from what I normally do. Again, this was all I did before finding my polish addiction to the darks.

I'm not happy with my stamping here, only one nail here is a good crisp design.  I was making myself mad!

Anywho, I do love my nails this length- as they grow out the next two weeks, we shall see what length I ultimately end up with.  I don't want talons!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?