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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Barielle, Anonymous Lacquer and Advanced Stamping

Last post I told you about going to the AT&T store.  I did, got there when it opened and was there for two and a half hours!!!!  I kid you not.  I was there for that long to take care of all I needed to.

So I've ordered my iphone 6 plus, changed my phone plan and traded in my ipad2 and my iphone4S for a brand new ipad air.  Let me tell you this-that air is an amazing, fast awesome tablet.  I am in love! Compared to the ipad2-it's way better.  The speed, the graphics, the weight, everything is awesome.  And I paid a sweet price.  I didn't pay the $37 that I had told you as they mislead me, but I did pay only $130 instead of full price of $629.  Since I really was going to buy myself one for Christmas, it was a very good deal that I couldn't pass up.

By the way, those that have upgraded their software to ios8?  Is it killing your battery too? It is mine for sure!

The other topic is my gel nails. It has only been TEN days and I have huge growth and a huge cuticle gap that no way can I ignore.  This means I have to go get them done every two weeks, which is a huge expense and time killer.  On the other hand, I do love them, the polish never chips, and I have pretty nails.  Maybe I'll try two layers instead of the three we did and see.

What I did do yesterday was buff down the gap and I can still see it, but it's not as noticeable.  People are telling me to add a layer of my gel polish, which I will do today. That may help even more.  But no way am I going to get three weeks out of this.

For now, I've decided to keep my nails until it gets to be a pain in my butt!

Today's post has my first advanced stamping attempt.  I did a very simple one and it came out great! I'm hooked indeed.  I will take pictures of the steps and show them to you in a couple of posts as I keep forgetting to take them!

Here is the silly bottle shot.

This is Barielle Taupe Notch and Boho Chic from the new Fall Me Couture collection. I showed you a sneak peek last post.  In the middle is a new Anonymous Lacquer called Rainbows After Dark. This is a topper but could be used on it's own.  It's a black holo with flakies!

This is part of the new Fall collection that will be released October 1.  You NEED this one. Just wait and see what it does!

I started with Boho and an accent of Taupe.


You know how I love my creams!  This green is to die for!  I love it!  It's actually a one coater for sure. Next I did my advanced stamping using this same green to tie it together.  I then added a layer of Rainbows After Dark to the green.

Here's the results.


It's not quite as black in person-the green shows more-but this holo is so strong, it freaked my camera out!  I love that! I used MoYou artist 07 plate for the stamping. See the green dots? That's the advanced stamping.  You basically color in the stamp before putting it on your nail.

I promise a tutorial is coming!

I am hooked on this new stamping technique as I have missed my stamping overall.  I hope you love this! Check out Anonymous Lacquer and Barielle for these awesome colors!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?