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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Gold Fail #1-Tweed

For today's post, I thought I'd try this tweed design I saw on Instagram.  Even though I can't freehand, I thought I could tackle this design as it's a bunch of tiny lines.

NOT!  I made such a horrible mess that I'm ashamed to even show you!  HAHA!  It was supposed to look like this: done by the amazing Lexstasy Nails.  Mine are no where near hers.

Before I show you, let's talk.

I buy a lot of polish.  We all know this.  It's my addiction, my reason to get up in the morning (HEHE).  But when it comes to buying stuff I actually need, in my mind, that takes away from my polish money.  Do you do that in your head too?

I've been wearing the same boots for roughly 8 years now.  They are still presentable, but you can see where they are getting threadbare and the soles are so thin, that the right rock may punch right on through.  I decided I needed new boots.  I had gone before looking for them, but it was the wrong season.  If you want boots, it has to be Fall.

I love DSW-for my international peeps, this stands for Discount Shoe Warehouse. It's a store chain that sells boots at a discount.  I love this store as I'm not one who will pay thousands for boots.  This time, I found two pair that I fell in love with. My way of doing things is if I find something I like, I just buy it in several colors. I'm not a clothes hound.  All my shirts for work are the exact same thing, just different colors.

I'm ok with that.

This time I bought four pairs of boots, but in two styles.  I just got them in brown and black.  Want to see?

I ALWAYS have to have me some combat boots like the first picture here.  It's who I am.  Still GOTH at the core.  The bottom pair just called to me.  Aren't they awesome? Suede.  Now remember I got these in black and brown.  This last style had one gorgeous dark blue that I almost bought but didn't.  I wore these suede ones to work this past Friday and boy are they comfortable as hell right out of the box.  Plus? These are the skinniest heels I've ever owned.  I was worried I was gonna fall over!

Luckily I didn't.

I didn't do a bottle shot for these next two posts.  I started with the most gorgeous gold holo and proceeded to ruin it twice.

Here are the starting shots.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
OMG this is a stunner!  This is Liquid Sky Lacquer Pure Luxury.  Strong, linear holo that you needs shades for!

Next I took several brown holos as I wanted to recreate Lexstasy's with holos.  I went way too overboard instead of random like hers.  Are you ready?  It's not pretty.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Yikes!  Let's call this abstract instead of a tweed fail!  Maybe in some alternate universe this might be considered cool.  But not here and not now.

I ended up taking this off, leaving the gold behind.  As you can see, I didn't even do all the cleanup here.

That's for next time.  Fail #2.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?