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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gold Fail #2

We continue on with my second ruination of a perfect gold holo.  Oh how sad.

The day I did these two, I didn't even feel like going through the pictures to edit etc. Instead, I went outside and got a wild hair to clean my gutters.  Something I attempted to do once a long time ago.

I've noticed that when it rains very hard, that instead of the gutters doing their thing, I get a sheet wall of water coming down in front of the gutters and getting in my house. Not good at all.  I found an old ladder under my house and proceeded to climb up way higher than I should have and saw the horror that was my gutters.

I had on my work gloves and just started grabbing huge handfuls of rotten leaves, dirt and roof debris from the shingles.  I was very careful and moved the ladder for every foot so I wouldn't be leaning. The issue was the ends of the gutters.  My deck doesn't extend that far. I got a broom and somehow worked the crap at the ends out.

Oh but I wasn't done there.  Next I got my handy dandy collapsible hose and proceeded to wash my gutters with the hose.  Making sure that the downspouts got cleared out as well.  I then had to take all that leaf debris and carry it into the woods.

Trust me when I was done, I was a dirty mess.  It had taken me an entire hour to do this awful chore. But oh so proud of myself for getting a nasty job done.  It will need to be done again as my big tree in the back hasn't dropped it's leaves yet.  At least then, it shouldn't be the mess it was now.

Just don't tell my parents I was up on that ladder!

Let's revisit where I started.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Swoon! This is Liquid Sky Lacquer Pure Luxury.  If you're very careful and use non acetone, you can remove the art you've done on top of your base.  That is what I did. These were the pictures from before I started anything.

It's definitely not perfect after you've removed the art.  This time I was so mad at all the time I spent for the tweed fail, that I just decided to stamp.  I used Cici&Sisi plate 7.  I then ruined it by adding dots.

Why can't I learn to leave things alone?????

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Not quite as bad a fail as last time, but still not good.

This concludes the gold fail series! HAHAHA!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?