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Monday, October 13, 2014

Enchanted Polish Up in Smoke, Dark Fantasy, To Die For

Sitting here, Checkers in my lap purring up a storm, burning more music to my iphone-Joss Stone and Perez Prado-the Mambo King! Still no word on my iphone 6plus.  Damn Apple what the hell? It's been three and a half weeks and I'm still waiting. I sure hope they don't make me wait until November 3 as the email says. Wow that would suck.

I was doing my doctor conference this past Friday and one of the pathologists-who by the way is HOT-but looks like he's a metrosexual-waxed eyebrows, bow tie-but HOT, was all taunting me with his iphone 6-which the hospital paid for.  Must be nice. It's a nice phone, but I'm glad I went bigger with the plus.

Got my new glasses and it seems the RX is wrong.  My up close reading is great, but my distance is now gone.  I can't see a damn thing that's not in front of my face!  I'm not one of those people who are gonna take their glasses off every other second. Hell no.  Seems I'm graduating to bifocals-but am gonna get the progressive no line ones. Get this, remember stupid one of my coworkers?  She's all like the progressive lens suck you should get the bifocals with the lines it's easier and you don't have to move your head as much.  Like I'm really gonna take your advice honey.  You still don't know which patients go where based on their insurance after 3 years at the same job!

Not move my head?  WOW.  There's a good reason-NOT.  I looked at her and said while I appreciate the advice, I'm not gonna walk around with lined glasses.  It would make me feel older than I already am.  I tried to say it nicely, but my mind was a different story.  So I have to go and pick out larger frames as the glasses I have now aren't quite big enough.  You bet I already told them I'm no eating the money I paid for these lenses I can't use.

Stupid thing is, I have vision insurance and don't use it as I like this doctor.  But when I looked up what I could be paying versus what I am paying out of pocket? Huge difference.  Am thinking next year I may have to leave him and find another.  His staff is a bunch of jerks anyway.

Now onto the mani.  It's an Enchanted Fest!  Here is the bottle shot.

This is Enchanted Polish To Die For, Up in Smoke and Dark Fantasy.

I started with UiS and an accent of Fantasy.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Holy crap look at how strong the holo is here!  I could stare all day.  Next I stamped using Fantasy and plate SDP-Q, then I placed glitter-which I loathe doing, and added a bit of To Die For to the accent nail.

Here are the results.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
It does take away from the holo goodness, but I think it came out pretty cool!

I'm now chair dancing to Perez Prado.  If you've never listened to him and his Mambo-you're missing out!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?