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Friday, June 20, 2014

Shades of Grey Black Holo Tribal

Now there's a title for you eh?  I forgot to tell you all that I had my fourth medical facial this past week. After the third one, the rest of that month, my face was a damn pimple mess.  So when I saw her this time, I said let's go hard core and step up the acid and the microdermabrasion.  Boy did she!

The next day, my face was a huge mass of pimples and red.  It was pretty damn bad. We also changed my products as I was at the end of several bottles and felt I needed something stronger.  I am loving the new cleanser she switched me to.  My face a few days later was much better, right now it's just a flaky mess, which is a good thing.  My cells are turning over.  The zits are mostly gone.  I've been using retinol as a spot treatment and this new regimen seems to be doing pretty good.  I want to win this fight!

Yesterday my big boy cat Sam freaked me the hell out.  I was getting ready to brush him and wash his bummy as he's too fat to do it himself.  If I don't, he gets bladder infections and that means vet bills.  Being a nurse, I've washed plenty of bummies in my day.

Anywho, I was starting to brush him when he looked outside and this total look of fear came over his face. I'm talking terror.  I looked out there and saw nothing.  He then ran to my bedroom, and had his mouth wide open tongue out panting hard, just freakin out. Then he ran under my dresser, where he goes when he doesn't feel good.  I crawled under there with him and just pet him and soothed him.  It was NOT cool.  I was freakin not knowing what the hell was happening.  Later he calmed down and slept with me in the bed, which he hasn't been doing lately.  So that tells me he's feeling better.

Anyone know what the hell was going on with him?  I mean he's pushing twelve-but the look of terror on his face was a scary thing.

Let's get on to the coolest tribal I've done of late.

Here's the silly bottle shot.

This is Enchanted Polish Djinn, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Mavala Metallic Grey and Colors by Llarowe Black Gold.

I started with Grey and a layer of Djinn.


Not sure what happened on my pointer finger.  The second I did the topcoat it kind of shriveled.

So next I did some taped stripes then added some freehand tribal stuff.



I have to say, I think this is pretty freakin awesome!  I so love tribals, but they are so hard to do and so time consuming!  I think I'll do more!

Oh and I cannot stop listening to my new Iggy Azalea CD-it freakin rocks people!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?