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Friday, June 6, 2014

EP July 2013/CbL Mojito and JoJo-again!

Today we are having a green fest.  Besides brown, greens are my next favorite color.

I have been telling you that I'm learning and playing with my new camera.  Yesterday, I stood outside, still as I could and tried to capture birds in flight.  I got a couple cool ones, but mostly, the second they heard the loud shutter, they would fly off.  Not sure how I will ever catch the more elusive ones like the gorgeous red cardinals I've got.

I wanted to show you the one I love the most.

How freakin cool is this?  My first try at moving targets.  I think this one is pretty cool. I'm sure there are techniques to it-but I'm still learning.  If you are on Instagram, I started a page just for my photography stuff. It's @FPMjh.

Now on to the awesome mani for today.  I am so very proud of how this came out.  Its' lines are perfect and my first perfect jigsaw.  I finally figured out how to do them correctly.

I totally forgot to do my normal bottle shot.  You'll see them with the finished mani.  I started with skittles of Enchanted Polish July 2013 and Colors by Llarowe Mojito and JoJo. I told you I was wearing it again already!!



Indoor Sun
WOW how gorgeous are these together?  I am in love people!

Next as I said, I did a color block tape mani, my lines are perfect and my first perfect jigsaw.  I am so very proud of this one!


Indoor Sun

Well? What do you think?  Is this not the most awesome thing ever???????

I think I shall do more color blocking as it's fun-but oh so time consuming!!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?