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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer Chocolate Jigsaw

I was so excited about finally figuring out how to do the perfect jigsaw that I just had to do it again.  It actually got a lot of likes on Instagram.  Which shocks me because people normally aren't into browns.  I of course, can't get enough!

So my parents were here this past week.  Mom already joked how they were to become fodder for my blog-so I cannot disappoint her now can I?  They were here to stain another side of my house.  Last time they were here, they did the outside back wall. This time it was one of the sides that got done.  What color? Do you really need to ask? Actually, it's a mahogany, brown with a hint of red.  I love it.

Both of my parents have been sick.  Both have been stubborn asses and not taken care of themselves as I have repeatedly begged them to do.  Yes my parents read this blog and yes mom and dad, I'm talking to you!  They are getting older and need to realize this and not wait so long to seek medical attention.  It doesn't matter that I've been a nurse now for 18 years, that I try and tell them to go see their doctor-they think that it will just get better, and sometimes it just doesn't.

Are your parents stubborn like this?

Now I don't want you thinking I don't love them, as I do very much-but they can be very exasperating and I think they know this!

Anywho, on to the brown fest for today.  I forgot the bottle shot again-I'll try to do better!



Indoor Sun
This is Liquid Sky Lacquer Chocolate Obsession and Head to the Bahamas.  I think Bahamas is my most used nude polish at this moment.  It is such a great base.

Next I simply did a jigsaw.  I will try to remember next time to take pictures of the steps. People think it's so hard, but it couldn't be easier.  First you tape off diagonally and polish with the other color.  So you have half one color half the other.  Then using a bigger dotting tool start with one of the colors and dot along the line between the two colors.  Maybe a tiny bit over the line.  Then using a slightly smaller tool dot in between the larger dots.  Voila-jigsaw.



Indoor Sun

Does it make sense now that you see the finished mani?  Can you see how easy it is to create a jigsaw?  I had no idea.  Oh and the first pictures here are against my tree in the front yard.  People really liked the bark in the background on IG.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?