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Monday, June 16, 2014

Enchanted Scintealliant, Cbl Doves and Gemini Rising

Let's see here people-I'm sitting here listening to a new CD.  Am I the only one still buying CDs and not just downloading it?  I feel like I'm old school, but I like having the insert to read the lyrics etc.

What am I listening to?  Iggy Azalea.  She is a rapper, while I like rap, it's not a type of music I buy a lot of. But I saw a video of her "Fancy" song and just had to buy it.

I told my boss this past week that this job is killing me.  Part of me was joking, part wasn't.  Her reply?  It's killing me too!  HAHA!  I feel so sorry for her sometimes as she has entered a sh*t storm.  A mess so heinous that if anyone can fix it, it's her.  You see, some rich person gave my cancer center a butt load of money and since October last year they've been totally renovating our space in the hospital.  Right now our treatment room for chemo is two buildings over while it's being overhauled.  Remember my move to the basement?  All part of this.  I actually took a sneak peek last week, it's going to be beautiful when it's done, but to me it seems like the way they're doing it is not a good use of the space.

It wasn't supposed to take this long.  Plus, we are sadly short staffed and the bosses before this one did nothing.  So yeah, I get that she's feeling the stress like I am.  We had a giggle about the whole thing.  I did ask her how soon the new nurse would be starting to take over the extra work I've been doing.  She actually did the hospital orientation this week and will start on our clinic next week.  So the end is coming-I asked if she's stupid and I'm told she isn't.  So if that's true, she shouldn't need that long before she's able to take over.

I have literally lost six pounds from the stress.  Hopefully it's almost over.  Cross your fingers.

You know I collect Enchanted Polish.  Well my latest holy grail/lemming was Scintealliant.  This was a polish sold ONLY in France as a store exclusive there.  Man did I want this one bad.  I was messaging all the Enchanted Facebook groups, willing to swap my most precious ones for it.  Finally, finally a girl in France contacted me and I now own the elusive Scintealliant.  Yup nail mail all the way from France.  How cool is that?

Here's your silly bottle shot.

This is Enchanted Polish Scintealliant, Colors by Llarowe When Doves Cry and Gemini Rising.

I started with a full mani of Doves.



This is touted as a grey, but it sure has blue in it.  Gorgeous holo-ness as well!  These CbLs are amazing!

Next I did more color blocking.



Indoor Sun
So digging these stripes.  I just may need to try more of that!  I am LOVING this Scintealliant-it's a gorgeous holo for sure!

What do you guys think?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?