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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Black Gold and XTC

This week's challenge for my Facebook group was pink holos. Not my favorite color at all, but I made up the challenges, so it's all my fault!

More work stuff coming at you-I hope you aren't tired of this topic as it's all I have right now.

I had my yearly evaluation yesterday.  You know the one where they give you a raise and tell you what you're doing right and/or wrong?  Yeah that one.  My new boss thinks I'm the best thing since sliced bread. She thinks I am fabulous, and of course, she's right! HAHA.

It's just nice to finally have validation for all the work I do.  That's the good part.  Now the not so good part. I've told you how my coworkers who have the same job title but don't do what I do story.  My boss wants me to write down all that I do, so that she can rework the job title position definition.  She will then tell the others that they are to do what I do, or find another job.  Now mind you, these are my coworkers I share an office with.  Two of the three have been there longer than I have.  Now I'm coming in there messing up the works! My boss wants me to then train them how to do their job like I do mine.

And this is supposed to be a good thing?  I can see how it's a good thing from an administration stand point, but not from the people I work with's stand point.  They will hate me, resent me and it will most likely be an uncomfortable situation.  I mean I'm very proud of the work I'm doing and it's really nice that I've recreated the job duties to what I feel are what should be done.  The person in my position before me?  Did very little, and the MDs have told me they love how I have taken over and turned the job around to something that is very helpful for them and my patients.

I really do hate that they have gone years doing very little work while I bust my ass. Maybe this is a good thing that will just take time for them to get used to the idea and maybe not hate me so much.

On to happier things!  Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Liquid Sky Lacquer XTC and Colors by Llarowe Black Gold.

I started with mostly XTC and an accent of Black.


Indoor Sun
I must admit, this XTC has some serious bling to it!

Next I taped and dotted. Here are the results.

Indoor Sun


Indoor Sun
Man that Black Gold is awesome!  Which pose do you like?

What do you think about my work sitch?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?