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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Enchanted Polish Lobster Roll

I got the books I ordered so I can learn how to use my new camera.  One is of the "for dummies" series. Yeah I need that right now.  I actually reset the camera back to factory settings since I had been hitting buttons and most likely messed something up.  The book is saying that using the "live view" is not the right way to take pictures and that the viewfinder is the way to go.  Well, how am I supposed to look through that little tiny lens without my glasses on, be able to see what I'm doing and hold it with one hand so I can picture my nails?  Not happening my friend.

Maybe that's just for 'real' photographers.  I am not one of those and prefer to use the big monitor on the back just like my point and shoot.  It works for me right now.  The other bummer using the lens?  My face oil gets all over the damn touch screen monitor and who wants that all over their screen?  Not me!

I read the first chapter yesterday and will work on Chapter two today.  I finally figured out how to use the flash!  WOOHOO!  Those pictures will be on the next post.

Today's mani is based on an article in the recent Nail It! Magazine about tape manis. The one I did today was my spin on the Manicurator's idea.  I rather like how this came out!

Here is the silly bottle shot.

This is Enchanted Polish Lobster Roll, Liquid Sky Lacquer XTC and Looking for Prince Charming.

I started with Prince and an accent of Lobster.

The sun was not cooperating, so I just have the one shot as at this time, I still didn't know how to work my flash!

Next I placed tape as shown in the magazine, then dotted.  Here are the very cool results.



Indoor Sun
What do you think of my posed one with the flowers?  I've been trying new things with my camera and having a ton of fun with it.  I think this came out pretty damn cool. Even if it IS pink!  HAHAHAH!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?